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  1. any chance you passed under an overhead? maybe someone threw someting over and it just happened to hit your sunroof.
  2. thanks.. Close.. It's a Nissan Pathfinder..LOL.
  3. Products used: Porter Cable 7424xp Dual Action Polisher 4.7/8" Flexible Molded Urethane Backing Plate Lake Country Orange Light Cut Foam Pad Lake Country White Polishing Foam Pad Optimum Compound II Optimum Polish II Optimum Opti-Seal 32oz Optimum Car Wash I took two days to complete the whole detail and sweated off about 5lbs.. it was sure hot this past weekend. Started off with the the Optimum Car wash followed by using Optimum compound on the Orange pad. That ended the first day. Second day, wiped down car again with microfiber towel. Used Optimum Polish with white pad. Took a 3hr break. Man this stuff is exhausting. Than sealed the deal with Optimum Opti- Seal. I'm a noob when it comes to detailing as this is the first time I've done this. PC is the first buffer I ever tried and I'm pretty happy with it. I wasn't gutsy enough to add extra weight to the buffing for fear of burning my paint. I hear PCs are idiot proof but anything is possible with me. I am very happy with the finish and managed to take out most of the water spots. I suppose I could have done more if I applied more pressure. This was just a trial run for me and I'll know better next time. Enough blabbering.. Here are a few snap shots of the end product. I did my best to try and capture the fine finish.
  4. Thanks.. this tip worked for me too.. found battery at Frys 1.49.