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  1. My driver's side side view mirror keeps turning all the way forward when I start the engine. It does so even with my mirror controls ar in the ;off' position. The only way to get it to the correct position, I have to manually pull the mirror. Anyone have any suggestions?
  2. Does anyone have a recommendation for new tires on a 2004 LS 430?
  3. It hasn't rained here in weeks but I went out this morning to drive my '06 Lexus ES330 and the driver side floor under the floormat is soaked. I've been soppong up the water with chamois cloths and you would not believe how much water has been removed. Has anyone else had the same or similar problem? As I said, it has not rained in a while and I have not washed the car either. I'm thinking some type of condensation from running the A/C but nothing else in the car is wet. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  4. As far as I know the windshield was never replaced and I don't have a lot of pine trees where I live. However I do get millions of 'whirlybirds' from oak trees in the Springtime. I'll take a look under the hood to see if any of the drains are blocked. Thanks!
  5. Have an unusual problem. Yesterday I noticed the floor of my 2006 ES330 was wet under the floormat. I asked my wife if she spilled anything in the car and she said no. I have been sopping up water for two days with a chamois cloth. The windows or the roof were not left open and it only appears to be in the center of the carpeting. Anyone have any ideas as to how the water is entering the vehicle????
  6. Does anyone have any information or experience in installing an after-market Sirius/XM Satellite Radio on a 2006 ES 330 without navigation. I saw a couple of these 'kits' listed on eBay for around $300.00 and the description says it will work fine on the Lexus factory installed radio. Lexus wants around $900.00 to install satellite radio on the car. Any suggestions?
  7. Does anyone have any ideas on where you might go to repair a tear in the leather of a seat on a 2006 Lexus 330 ES?
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