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  1. Buy used... I got this 2014 last week with 3800 miles for $23,000....
  2. I also have the black onyx GX, I bought one of those "California Dusters", unbelievable product. Tons of dust, 1 minute to do the truck, and it looks just washed. I recommend them highly. I just love the black. Sexiest color in my opinion
  3. spawning salmon jumping through the center 0 making it look like a C You either want to spawn or have an interest in spawning salmon or you secretly train fish to jump through hoops Correct on both counts! Must be the Sideshow Bob in me coming out. I get alot of reactions from people behind me when the meaning dawns on them.
  4. Takes about a minute: Reply with your guess.
  5. I also have the black onyx GX, I bought one of those "California Dusters", unbelievable product. Tons of dust, 1 minute to do the truck, and it looks just washed. I recommend them highly.
  6. I just got the Sony CPA-9C Cassette adaptor for my iTouch. It was rated high for this kind of adaptation. I hooked it up yesterday on my ML system in the cassette slot. Much distortion, not happy with it...... until, yes until I made sure the volume of the iTouch was halfway, AND the Dolby on the Screen of the GX was turned off. Now it sounds not just good, but great. The only problem is that when you turn the volume knob real loud, you hear a slight hissing sound. When you activate the Dolby button, the hiss is muted, but the sound is muffled. On normal, and yeah, kinda loud without the Dolby, it's quite enjoyable and a great price. I found the Sony CPA-9C for about $9 online. I would give it a try. MSAGRO
  7. I believe the color is called "Ash Blue Mica" quite nice in a GX. I have a 2004 Black GX, personally I don't like small cars in this color, but on a mid sized SUV such as this, it's quite stunning. I get many complements on the rig. I just got it a few days ago, cannot believe how I dealt with the middle aged 1 owner car. She had records since new from Lexus of Portland. Perfectly maintained, all 25, 50, 75K service done and everything in between. Ended up getting it for 18K fully loaded. I sold my 2002 Highlander for 14K, so in essence, I got this for just 4K, hoping to have that paid off by August. Here it is: Love the Chrome stock wheels, I have not seen them on another GX here around Portland. The Parts guys at Lexus said that it was a $1200 option to have those style of wheels.
  8. Thanks for the info. I found it! Little white square thingy. Denso Relay. Called the Lexus dealer for cost ($88), then to save money.... called the Toyota dealership ($98)?!? Non returnable item on this, just to be sure, I have a friend with a silver GX, gonna borrow his relay and see if thats the problem. If that does the trick, gonna head to the Lexus dealership and pick up the relay (and one of those cute 2 piece chocolates they give you. Thanks again for locating that for me.
  9. Thanks for the info mann777, did the test on the red/black fuse wire for the fogs. Came up as power to and from them. Could it be the relay? From the diagram, I could not find where located. Please advise, and thanks again. Msagro
  10. My God that will not be the new GX! Looks like a Kia Rondo!
  11. Newest member here. I own an 04 GX, everything works fine except the foglights. I checked the fuse and it was OK, I was thinking perhaps it's the plug-in relay. In the ES Lexus models, it's located under the dash by the steering column. Does anyone here know where it's located on the GX? Or if it might be something else? Any info would be appreciated. Glad to be on board. MSAGRO