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  1. probably have to change your leveler module or the headlight ecu. i have the same problem and was lucky enough to grab a set of the HID ecu w/ leveler module for cheap. i haven't gotten around to changing them out yet, so my drivers side HID bulb is facing a bit upwards blinding oncoming traffic lol.
  2. I called Rostra today and they won't sell me the selenoids, i have to buy them through a distributor. So i called the local distributor and they won't sell it to me directly either and tells me i have to buy it through a transmission shop they referred me to. $250/kit!!! lol Dude, if you can grab these for me, let me know!!! PM SENT. =)
  3. how about this setup? 19 x 8.5f 19 x 9.5r both +45 offset front and rear???? let me know Sypher!!! thX
  4. Thx Sypher! What are those rims you have on your GS4? Im contemplating whether i should go 18's or 19's staggered setup. I got a blisten sports/tanabe nf210 suspension setup right now and don't want the ride to get too harsh. I got the stock 16's right now and just want a upgrade but still keep the ride smooth and not too hard. Is there a big diff going from 18's to 19's?
  5. I was wondering if someone could enlighten me on whether this setup would work with my 98 GS300: 18x8.5f +15offset 18x10r +15offset I was doing some research and i hear that 98+ GS300/GS400 can only accept offset +35 to +40?
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