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  1. 115k on 2004 with KDSS. Problems had: leaky radiator, drive shaft thump, car was leaning to the right and mirror motors. Most of the problems fixed while under warranty. I did mirrors myself since student mechanic wanted to replace the whole unit and was insisting on taking the door apart, quick talk to manager solved his intensions and parts were on my passenger seat when I picked the car from dealer. If vehicle you are looking to buy has KDSS look for body lean. Also make sure you feel no thump when releasing brake from stop. Other than those birth deficiencies (as my dealer calls them) i
  2. I have 2004 and my radiator leaked as well. Mine was replaced while still under warranty. It seems to be a common problem with 2003-2004 models. The price of the radiator is about $270, it is the same as 4Runner 8 cylinder model. As far as timing belt job, you should change it after 90k (some take it to 120k), consider sooner if you reside in hot climate or towing trailers. I did mine at 100k in PA climate. The belt I removed was in great shape not dry and very flexible which means I could probably take it to 120k, but who wants to take the risk of bending valve and do a cylinder head job.
  3. Question for those who has 18 inch 4Runner wheels installed. What tire size you have. I think 4Runner original spec is 265/60/18, I wonder if I could install something bit wider, for instance 285/60/18. Concerns are, the tire sticking out too much and rubbing issues. Did anybody installed anything wider than 265/60/18. Thanks.
  4. Item sold. For sale are the left and right center console wood trim from 2004 GX470. As far as I can tell it should fit 03-09 models, but please check. Right trim is in good condition. Left has broken mounting clips and cracks on the front. Also included vents, but they have stains. Left went has one deflector broken. Vents could be good for parts.
  5. I agree, I did 100k maintenance myself on my 04. Timing belt, water pump, trans oil, brakes. My left front caliper had one piston frozen, now waiting for new caliper. About 4 months back I had radiator replaced since car was still covered, dealer didn’t do a good job. Transmission cooler lines were not tightened and were leaking, fan shroud was not placed in lover holder, looked like someone was in a hurry…
  6. My 04 had same radiator leak at 80k, replaced by dealer under warranty. As an example, GX radiator at AutoZone is $270-$300, eBay prices are $150-$250. Shops usually have their suppliers and get discounted prices. Replacing GX radiator is not that hard, there is plenty of clearance in the front. I would ask the shop how much the labor costs and go from there.
  7. I got TSB posted on other thread. Thanks all for responses.
  8. I was only offered one mirror not two, when I asked for parts I got free actuators for both sides. I did not want them to replace the parts because they did sloppy job when radiator was replaced. There is no way I would let them to take door apart after seeing the previous job they did. I guess I am not a typical Lexus owner, I work on my cars in spare time and like thinks done accurately.
  9. Update, dealer was going to cover the replacement of the entire left mirror. Based on their estimate right was still slowly adjusting. Since there was no need to replace the whole unit and rip the door apart for no reason, I asked if they can provide the internals for both mirrors and I will install them myself as per the TSIB posted in other thread. After speaking to manager they agreed to give me the parts. I still do not get why they were going to order the entire unit...
  10. Thanks for the response... Car is in the service now, will see what they say. For the last 3 months I went thru new rear driveshaft, lean to the left problem and replaced radiator. So far everything was covered under used car warranty. Didn’t quite expect this from Lexus…
  11. My GX was in service last week for the radiator replacement and after that I noticed that right rear window would not work. I thought the control went bad as it appeared after searching this board it was not calibrated properly after battery disconnect. Now I have another issue, my both mirrors would not adjust horizontally, but they adjust up and down fine. I doubt that two mirror motors went defective at the same time. Did anyone here experienced similar problem. Will appreciate any comments.
  12. Thanks much I will try Nero.
  13. Greetings, long time reader first time poster. I have small difficulty with rear DVD player. After inserting homemade DVD I get “Disc Error” message on the screen. Is it at all possible to play burnt DVD’s in 04 GX470?
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