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  1. This a PAIN! Unless you have a lift, go to PepBoys .....I did. Took 30 minutes and cost $26.....Well worth it.
  2. Your problem is very need a NEW BATTERY !!! If these cars are left idle for several days the battery can drain from all of the various functions that draw power..the alarm system, clock etc. Once your battery looses the proper charge all kinds of craxy stuff will begin to happen, including the light display you discribe....easy fix to all your problems
  3. This is a common problem with cars left unused for several days. All of the various systems which run while car is idle will eventually run down the battery. SOme dealers will install a small battery booster on cars which sit on their lots for long periods to prevent this problem.
  4. The installation could cause your problems if not properly installed. If all vacuum lines not properly installed could cause computer to misread air/fuel, timing requirements which would cause problems you're discribing and other querky problems. Remember, all stock lines must be reinstalled in proper locations. Hope this helps. Good luck.
  5. Unless you know something I don't, the Hertz is a 4 ohm speaker. Using it will blow the factory amp......good luck!
  6. can anyone help me with this problem? I have a 2002 sc430 also doing the same thing. can you email me at Frankie The 430 has an electronic throttle. There is no "throttle cable" connected to the throttle body. So the problem sounds like it's electronic not mechanical. I doubt seriously that there is a problem with the throttle body itself. I would suggest having the dealer check out the throttle electronics. Hope this helps.....Tony
  7. The sound is GREAT!! So much better than factory. The guys who did this are real professionals and did a wonderful job. I would never attempt something like this myself. I understand your concerns but almost anything would be better than those crappy factory speakers. When removed both paper cones had torn away from their outside outside frame. The 4s are very high quality. Do you know of any aftermarket 8 ohm 6x9s? Thanks for input....Tony
  8. When recently replacing the CRAPPY door speakers in my '02 I learned that the factory system is an 8 ohm system. All known auto speakers are 4 ohm. If 4 ohm speakers are used it will blow the amplifer at some point. About a $1000.00!! I was very lucky to have some very knowledgable proessionals who solved the problem with a custom install of 2, 4 inch, 4ohm speakers wired together (thus 8 ohms) in the stock mountings in each door. Sounds great.....cost? $240.00
  9. If you are using stock wheels and close to stock size tires the alignment specs will not change. If, however, you are using wheels with a significantly different offset or some kind of bizarro size tire the spec may change and will have to be custom set. From the discription of the wear pattern of you current tires it sounds like you do need an alignment. Are your driving habits rough? Lots of bad roads? Well, I would suggest having an alignment with new tire installation using factory settings......hope this helps.
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