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  1. Here's one that seems too good to be true. What do you think? 03 LS430 42012 miles $16k 17" wheels no navigation
  2. Thanks for all your advice. Looks like I should wait for an 02 or newer LS. Does the 02 or newer LS ride better because of any design changes or was it just isolated to the ones you test drove? I'll bet the timing belt change was skipped because they didn't plan to keep it. Those 17" chrome wheels looked really nice. I don't feel I can find anything like it under $15k though.
  3. I'd bring it to another Lexus dealer to have it checked. It comes with a 2 month comprehensive warranty that covers the A/C system.
  4. I'm considering the purchase of a used 2001 LS430 with 97k miles. It has the chrome 17" wheels and the euro tuned suspension. This is my first experience with an LS430. Does any one know if the non-euro tuned suspension version with 16" wheels is significantly smoother/quieter? This one also has the ML audio with Navigation. Timing belt not changed. Trunk gas struts replaced. One headlight is really dull. The other headlight's high beam points to the ground, but the low beams seemed to be aimed properly. Seemed to have been involved in a minor accident (didn't see anything about air bags dep
  5. I wonder if the orifice is clogged or if the refrigerant charge is low. Can the Lexus guys check this out or should I take it to an A/C shop? This is actually occurring on a car that I'm considering to buy. An 01 LS430 with 97k miles.
  6. When the compressor cycles on, I can hear the refrigerant flowing at idle. The sound is like a quiet high pitched squealing. My wife said it sounded like water. The Lexus salesman and service adviser couldn't hear it. Anyone know if this is a common issue and if it's normal? It is annoying. I expect the car to be perfectly quiet during idle. If I turn off the A/C, the noise goes away. It comes right back when the compressor cycles on.
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