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  1. thanks Bobstoc, I appreciate your post. I will contact the dealer.
  2. I brought my lexus back to the shop this week. They found that my fuel filter was completely clogged up and that there was particulate/trash in the gas tank. They replaced the filter and sucked out as much trash as they could. It is running great now. I always use a good 93 octane gas (Shell or Exxon or Chevron)so i am not sure where the trash came from. I bought the car used so I will never know. You might have someone put a fuel pressure gauge on your car to see if the pressure is declining as it idles.
  3. When turning a corner and then pressing the acceleratior, my 2004 LS 430 is a little late shifting into gear. The rpms rev a little, and it takes a second or so before shifting into gear. It is very subtle. Is this normal? Has anyone else experienced this?
  4. did you ever find out what was causing this? My 2004 LS 430 does the same thing.
  5. I have been experiencing the same thing on my 2004 LS430. It happened for the first time about a year ago, but the check engine light would never come on and the repair shop told me the same thing: they could not diagnose it unless they could experience it or get a check engine code. Just last week, it became impossible and dangerous to drive and the check engine light finally came on and I brought it in to the repair shop. They said that there were several codes recorded but that they thought the air flow sensor was bad. They replaced it, but it stalled again on me yesterday so I am back
  6. My 2004 LS430 ac also takes a while to cool the car down when it has been out in the sun. It takes much longer to cool down than my other cars. I had it checked and the ac was fine. I now put one of those sun screens in the front window when parked in the sun and that has helped tremendously.
  7. I can also hear refrigerant flowing when I am stopped in my 2004 LS430. I was concerned when I first got the car about a year ago, but it does not seem to affect anything; it is just a little annoying.
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