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  1. Thank you very much for the reply. I am sure that Lexus produces great cars but their prices are going up year by year, where most other manufactures prices are dropping.
  2. Hi guys, Gees, didn't know there is a Lexus owner's forum. Well that's very nice and yes, hopefully I can gain much knowledge and enjoyment from this forum. About the topic, i am in the market for Lexus and i've heard there is a LS300. I was kinda surprised when I hear LS300 as I never did realized there is a 3 liter version, always heard of LS400 and that's about it... I hope I can find a little bit more information regarding LS300 at the particular year of 2000, ie spec, problems and general comments. Would any one of you be able to offer some help to where i can find a spec sheet? and please comment about the LS300 other than it has a smaller engine than LS400 =) Thanks.
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