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  1. found this while looking at some VIP projects. anyone speaks japanese here? lol
  2. if you drive mostly in stop and go traffic then such low mpg's are not surprise. remember when you are at a stop light you are getting 0 mpg.
  3. agreed. last thing you want is messed up bumber color AND quater panel!
  4. if i hit it big you want catch me driving one of these things!
  5. had a glass on '95 ES replaced for 150$. can't tell the difference from OEM! lol.
  6. did you try adjusting the sensitivity of the rain sensor? its in the manual.
  7. if i could afford to pay $50-70K cash for a car then i would not be worried about saving a few bucks on the oil change... may be its just me. besides, DIY oil change or at the 3rd party shop will probably void your warranty if something happens with the engine. Lexus will not have documented oil changes in their system and may use it as a reason to not cover certain things..
  8. does the big fan in front in the engine compartment come on when you turn on the a/c? you can buy A/C refrigerant with dye in it. add it to you system and look for leaks. as to smell - check if your cabin air filter is clogged. also check outside air vents for clogs.
  9. TPMS reset? isn't it supposed to monitor pressure constantly and reset itself after the tires are filled up?
  10. why not? if he can do this himself.. Are u sure the car is worth it?
  11. there is a diagram posted here in the forum with all sensor locations. too lazy to search now..
  12. thanks. i'll ask. just went through the links in your sig ... your wood projects are sick! amazing work there. are you in some kind of restoration business by any chance?
  13. if the car is rust free - then its a piece of cake. if there is rust ..... could take some time.. otherwise its a simple bolt on.
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