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  1. I am working on changing the drivers side seal on the transmission. I have taken the nut off the axle but I cannot get it out of the wheel hub. It is rusted and/or stuck. All the videos and books just say "remove the axle" or tap gently with a hard plastic hammer and it will come out. Didn't work for me. I worked my way up from a plastic hammer to a small hand held sledge hammer and it won't move. I sprayed liquid wrench and set it set but no joy. I have protected the shaft threads during all the hammering. To those of you that have removed stubborn axles from the hubs, How Did You Do It?? Any tricks or just use a larger hammer? Thank you for your help. 2002 ES-300
  2. The speaker is blown. You will need to take it out and repair the foam around the edge or replace the speaker. I will almost guarantee you the foam on top of the speaker is broken right next to the black plastic ring that goes aroud the top of the speaker. I repaired mine with Shoe Goo, a flexible adhesive, and it sounds fine now. A replacement speaker from Lexus is over $350.00. There is a good link on this site that talks about getting to the speaker. Search for replacing subwoofer or something like that. You take the back seat out, one or both of the C pillars and the back deck top. You cannot get it out from the trunk. I did this last weekend and should have taken pictures but I didn't. Good Luck.
  3. My car does this after the battery has been disconnected and the computer needs to reset. (I mean it does EXACTLY as you described) After a couple of days of driving it settles down and runs fine. The computer has to learn your driving habits. If nothing else is wrong in a few days, say 5, you will notice it runs fine. Mine idles smoothly at 500 rpm. When all the clicking stuff is going on it idles at less than 500 RPM. Always has and runs like a champ. Good Luck.
  4. I have a 2002 ES-300. Do you check the transmission hot or cold? Engine off or engine running? My american made cars were checked engine at running temp, idling, and in Park. There are two marks on the dip stick. Just keep the fluid between the marks? My owner manual doesn't say anything about how to do this. I have developed a little leak where the cases join so I will need to keep an eye on things. (Small leak) 175,000 Mi. Thanks for the help.