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  1. Changed my wife's RX300 2000 battery after 77K miles. This was a second battery in two years, since lately this car is used for very short trips and that impacts the battery life. After two trips of 2 miles each a check engine light comes on. The engine runs as good as always. No noticeable problems with the car. Thanks to this forum, I went to Autozone to check the code (P1113) - only for the record. Then I pulled the EFI fuse to reset the CEL. The light is gone for about two weeks now, probably nothing to worry about.
  2. Has anyone followed 2000 RX300 owners manual for LSD oil change interval? The owners manual gives 60K mile change interval under normal schedule.
  3. I just did some statistics from the posts in this thread: 4 different people had their trannies failed shortly after the oil change. Something is going wrong with these transmissions when the oil is drained and refilled. quotes: lenore: My transmission failed july 8,2004 and I serviced it every 30k miles. artinist: my problem actually started shortly after I changed the oil without dropping the pan. and yes i did use toyota oil. legg1042: About a month ago, I was out of town and my wife had the trans. fluid changed. This weekend, less than 1000 miles later, we were taking her mother home, about 2 hours away. The rx started jerking a little, and when we got to a stop light, it would not go, only rev up. I shut the car off for about 5 minutes, and started it back up and moved to a safer part of town, (about a mile) where it started doing it again. The next morning I had it towed to the local dealership where they want to give me a reman trans. rbrown2769: I just replaced the transmission in my 99 RX300 and I had my fluid changed at 75,000 mile service interval. It failed at about 78,000.
  4. I've read the RX transmission topic and noticed that two people had their transmissions failed after the fluid was changed at the dealer! I would follow the owners manual and take my chances driving with the factory fill.
  5. SInce I replaced the lock nuts for reqular lugs, I have three Lock nuts and a Key Socket if someone wants to pay some money to make a trip to the post office worth my while.
  6. The owners manual does not recommend tran. fluid change. Only under severe driving conditions, like towing. I would not change unless there was a problem. Moreover, there is a good chance that if done improperly, a serious damage will result.
  7. I would like to know if you found a solution to the locknut damage problem. The locknuts was an option that one could not get the cat without in 2000. Now I will have to pay much moore to replace them with the regular lug nuts. Any suggestions on how to remove the broken off locknut? Update: I went to my local Lexus dealer and purchased 4 lug nuts replacing the lock nuts. The dealer did not charge me labor. Parts were $36 +tax. Beats getting special tools to take the broken off lock nut off the wheel.