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  1. Sweet ride. I like those rims better than the chrome ones on the 04. This profile demands respect even in the showroom. Thanks for uploading. :)
  2. 2004 LS430: 99K miles, took to dealership last Saturday to troubleshoot driver’s side door lock. lock assembly worries, wear and tear…good money spent. On Sunday, I start car to get some groceries and the passenger side mirror wouldn't unfold. When I attempted to unlock from the driver’s side controls, no response. Same result when trying to roll down window. The entire front passenger side is dead when only the day before at the dealership I was given a clean bill of health. Took it back to the dealership today and after 5 hours of troubleshooting, they're g
  3. Fellas, I'm fairly new to the Club also. I just picked up my 04' LS430 from Mesa, AZ and paid $21,310. Car is CA specs and had 64K. Took it to the dealer in Co Springs and the tech said not only had it not missed a service appt since mile 000001, it had been serviced at 60K...I was pleased to say the least. With my trade in, I financed $15K and haven't looked back. I'm probably going to put some Goodyear Assurance TripleTreds on it this week. One question for anyone else w/experience. Can I put 05' LS430 stock rims on my 04 (that is...if I can find some)? The chrome rims are nice but
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