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  1. sbolasingh

    98-00 Front Bumper

    My second questions is as follows....Can a lip kit from the 98-05 GS or the lip from the 00-03 LS fit the 95-97 LS400?
  2. sbolasingh

    98-00 Front Bumper

    Gentleman, I currently own a 95 Lexus LS400 and I was wondering, being that I kind of admire the 98-00 bumper more. Would it be a direct fit on to my vehicle. I am aware that the turn signals wont be the same but I'm good at wiring so I'm sure that I can implement a solution to the lights. I'm looking to purchase a new bumper within days of this post, So I just want to know if it's doable or no Please advise
  3. sbolasingh

    My Lazy Ls400

    I have an 1995 Lexus LS400 and it seem to run somewhat sluggish. It doesn't seem to have the power that a LS should have. I've changed everything that I thought would hold it back such as the timing belt waterpump, fuel filter, catalyic converters, plugs wires etc and still the same problem. Any suggestions
  4. I had the same problem with my LS400 months ago. 1. Remove the covers that the timing belt and spark plugs are under, these age the plactic black covers with the writing in white on both top sides of them motor. 2. Remove the spark plug wires and use an air tool to blow all of the spark plug housing channels. If necessary you might need to repeat the steps with the spark plug wires. That's should solve the problem, if not I do recomend you replace the wires.
  5. sbolasingh

    My Car

    Fully Loaded LS400 sitting on 20's all lights changed, look for more pics shortly
  6. sbolasingh

    Wet Ls400 Motor

    You were lucky everything had dried up intime. Me I was unfortunate by now happy that I didn't have to replace more than just wires
  7. sbolasingh

    Hids On The 95-97..

    I see that every day. :) I have H.I.D.'s on my 1995 LS400 clear white with a touch of blue and it looks great I see the road better it illuminates nicely. It does not blind people it depends on voltage and the color, and the light doesn"t scatter as read in other posts, because you can adjust them as a regular bulb using the adjustment nuts on the back of the headlight housing
  8. sbolasingh

    Lubricants And Aftermarket Performance Questions

    I use Amsol in my LS400 it's the best stuff for the money
  9. sbolasingh

    Rims Advice Needed Plz

    18's will look corny unless you drop the car with Lexus Sport suspension. Go for 19's and better, you can go all the way up to 22's but I wouldn't recommend it. As for the site to check, look at and click on the word Lexus to see some hot whips, as for rims checkout for the best deals on wheels you'll ever find but you have to pay 20bucks to become a member inwhich is well worth it
  10. sbolasingh

    Wet Ls400 Motor

    I have an 1995 LS400 inwhich the other day I did a stupid thing and flooded the motor with water while the car was off. I had meant to have kept the car running. After the motor was hosed off I tried starting the car, it fired up but idled irratically and the car drove like crap. As intended acceleration to 40 mph it felt like the wheels were going to fall off or the feeling that I was driving on two flats, hesitations and all. When I came to traffic lights and stops as I took my foot off the brakes it felt like it was going to cut off, the car shook like crazy I felt like a bobblehead doll. The next day I drove it to my brother's shop and used his air compresser tool to dry all the sensors, I took apart every plastic pieced hardware covering the motor inaddition to the spark plug housing and blew everything until I though things were dry..I had the same problem...Later that day I bought some Denso wires from the part store for $112 bucks, installed them and my problem was resolved, my car was back to normal. (the old wires had alot of water that settled in two of the wires on both sides of the motor towards the firewall) Now I'm on cloud If it happens to you, dry the sensors using an air compresser including the coil paks. And invest in some good spark plug wires. That should solve your problems because it did solve mine :D