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  1. I bought a 1998 lx470 in the DFW area in June. It had 84K miles and in great condition (so far). I paid $21,000 and the truck was inspected by a mech. Plz insure the 60K service was completed and the tires are in good shape. Both of these are pricey, so you can use it to low the price. Good Luck, you will love the truck Shelly
  2. Just had the truck in for an oil change and dealer informed me of cracks in the heat shield of the catalytic converters. The cracks cause a vibe at mid range rpm. The service rep stated I should get them welded at a muffler shop. Anyone have this procedure done? Did it work? Shelly 1998 LX470 :cries:
  3. Dumb Question: Can the filters be cleaned? Shelly
  4. I had the same problem. A bolt had fallen on to the engine brush guard. This cause a noise at a low speed. I could not hear the noise unless the LX was moving! I took a RUBBER hammer and tapped on the brush guard until the bolt was found. Turns out there were two bolts. I hope this helps. Shelly ps. I still am looking there the bolts go:)
  5. Any one have any advice on a pax-side mirrro that stopped folding in and out? (driverside is working) The mirror tilt switch works great. Are there different fuses for the right or left sides? And is there any advice on how to remove the mirrow? Thank you again, Shelly
  6. New to Lexus and forum! Bought a 1998 LX470 last week:) I need some interior parts/pannels that are missing/broken. Parts needed: Color Ivory front drives side lower pannel (below steering wheel). pannel cap for right rear cubby by thrid seat. left rear ash tray. Thank you Shelly
  7. Hi, New to Lexus, just purchased a LX 470, 1998. Has anyone tried the CD-Rom LX 470 Repair manual someone is selling on Ebay? How does it compair to the Lexus manuals? Thank you Shelly Link to Item. http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/ws/eBayISAP...7905661509&rd=1
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