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  1. BMW7_LS430

    Door Lock Problems?

    Door lock actuator tutorial: There are two types of actuators. With auto door closures (larger). Without auto door closures (smaller) Clean contacts when mirrors don't adjust:
  2. BMW7_LS430

    2006 Ls430 Transmission Fluid

    01-03 has a dip stick 04-06 is sealed (Still has drain, overflow, and fill plugs on the transmission itself)
  3. BMW7_LS430

    Door Lock Problems?

    Yes, the motor itself is the same for easy close or not. I have easy close and I replaced it by following the tutorial.
  4. BMW7_LS430

    How To Clean Perforated Leather

    I first clean normally with a leather cleaner, then use toothpick to clear any clogged holes, and then vacuum. I finish with leather polish. I use products lightly so that they don;t get in to the pores.