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  1. Drivers side door is popped open, but still latched and locked. '95 LS400 Please send tips!!!!!!! Thanks you!!
  2. I hit a raccoon and it cracked my front bumper under the license plate. What is this part called exactly? Front bumper cover?
  3. Should I splurge for the factory brand, or try to same some money with an adequate off brand?
  4. Last night on highway I heard a pretty loud muffled sound which lasted 1 or 2 seconds. Sounded like it came from behind the dash? Immediately after that I noticed my AC light was flashing. As of today, heat still works, fan blows, but light is still flashing. Went to my lexus mechanic who said compressor is jammed and dead. He said it needs new compressor, AC clutch, and new receiver drier. ($1050) I was hoping it was just a relay or something easy. Anyone have experience with this?
  5. Is there a way to move the seat with no power? The "pro" that did it is 100 miles away, so I'll attempt this on my own first.
  6. Just had drivers seat recovered. Got the car back, adjusted seat one time as I pulled out of the shop, and now it's dead. Any ideas? Fuse maybe? If so, which fuse is it? Do the plastic cover pieces at the bottom of the seat pop off, or are they bolted on? I don't want to force anything, but wanted to check wiring. Thanks
  7. My '95 has lived in a hot, humid climate, coastal South Carolina. Anyway is it ECU or ECM? How hard is that installation? My wallet is empty right now since I just paid my Lexus/Toyota specialist to fix errors that were caused by going for cheapo oil changes and a reckless mechanic who said he could "do anything." Resealed leaking tranny pan (other guy used wrong sealant), replaced leaking oil pan (threads stripped by speedy guys), fixed creeking in steering because other guy didn't put rack and pinion on properly after doing high pressure hose. I am staying positive though, thanks to you
  8. When I bought my 95 LS with 156,000. Knowing what we know about timing belts, it is odd that it was changed at 135,000. In those days the car was dealer maintained. They also changed cam shaft seals on the same visit. Anyone know why they wouldn't have waited to 180,000 or could it have been the first timing belt change 45,000 miles late?
  9. Do you recommend both bottles of fuel cleaner at once?
  10. I have a 95 LS with 186,000. Recently had replaced high pressure hose, fan clutch, radiator, ball joints, and motor mounts. Now, idling and shifting is acting a little "confused" which my mechanic tells me is a sign of a failing ECU. Also, engine has a new whisping sound which he said could be tensioners or pulleys (I don't remember). Also, going to need a new oil pan soon because of some worn threads or something. Of course, it's almost timing belt time too. I am not very mechanically inclined, so I am wondering if I should continue to invest money into this automobile, or if I should sell n
  11. After I did my pressure hose and hood struts, I didn't do anything except change the oil for the next year or so. The car was 15 years old, but didn't need anything. Then, look out for things like motor mounts, ball joints, maybe a radiator, but it is so worth it to drive a solid car. Just find a trustworthy mechanic. My first mechanic, before I moved, charged the same per hour whether it was a honda civic or a lexus. I love driving an older car which is extremely well made compared to something new and expensive. I'd rather invest the money in keeping my classic running.
  12. The more time you spend on this site, you'll see how common your issues are. To answer your question about the high pressure hose, to my knowledge, once you replace it, you don't have to think about it again. Same with hood struts, quick fix then move on. These were the first two fixes on my 95LS, which I bought for $5,000 with 156K. Have it inspected so you can use the report as leverage in negotiating price.
  13. do i need an alignment afterward?
  14. Why does the car have such high rpm's when just started? What is happening as the rpm's "settle" down to 500 or so? I know this is a rookie question, but I've always been curious.
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