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  1. 2001 IS 300 195,000 Miles Asking price $5500 Black exterior / tan interior New Tires New brakes & Rotors Upgraded suspension system Aluminum radiator Short Ram/Cold air intake New timing belt and water pump Front strut bar & front eibach sway bar One minor scratch 1. Anything in particular I should inspect? 2. If no major issues, what would you offer? 3. Does anyone know what these headlights are? would like to install these once I get the car.
  2. I did the same thing with my 99 es300 and regret it. KYB are to harsh for this car. I used monroe and the ride is exactly the same. http://shop.advancea...5495-_-10720525 Heres the link to my thread where i replaced them myself:
  3. 145 is a little too much to spend on a 98, but thanks thats exactly what I was looking for just wish it was a little cheaper.
  4. Thanks man, I figured id have to end up doing that anyways unless i could find one online. Thanks again for the tips!
  5. Any idea where i could find the front passenger side trim bezel for a 98 3s 300? I broke the retaining clip when cleaning the window switch and recently broke the plastic tabs where the switch and lock are at so the whole thing falls off the bezel into the door. Heres a pic of what part i need: Ive already googled and looked on ebay but obviously havent had any luck, just need a little help getting pointed in the right direction. Thanks!
  6. Not balancing just realignment. I let off the steering wheel and slammed on the breaks to see if it pulled left/right, it didnt, and after a month i havent had any unusual tire wear so i never had to get it realigned. If you end up having to its pretty cheap but id go ahead and rotate the tires too. Unfortunately i didnt take any pics but heres the link for my write up:
  7. yeah that link was for my car my bad There's definitely a difference from left and right but its only really for the brake line clamps and yes its the full assembly so no need to compress the old springs...etc the top 3 bolts are very easy to take off but the 2 big bolts on the bottom are a !Removed!, I had to use a breaker bar to get them off. I ran into issues when putting the new assembly in, the bottom 2 bolts weren't aligning up correctly but after i figured out the first one it took me less than 10 min to change out the other side. If u need any help just let me know. This is a pretty easy DIY
  8. Btw Monroe should be good enough for that car. KYB is a nicer brand and they are stiffer imo but i liked the really smooth ride before so I went with the Monroes.
  9. If your replacing the springs too just get Monroe quick struts http://www.summitrac...ts/MON-171678ST If not search for my thread on strut replacement, its for a 98 so the part #s will be different but at least you know what parts to get.
  10. After giving up on trying to find replacement lights and blue light "condoms" i went ahead and ordered some L.E.D.s. I ordered them from here: http://www.superbrig...instrument.html Of course with my luck i ordered the wrong size even though the back looks identical to the original bulbs so i removed the leds from their sockets and put them in the new sockets the picture is a little misleading but the climate control screen looks exactly like every blue light around it. this is how it turned out:
  11. you might want to start a new thread for that problem. but is it only 45mph and above? Try using injector cleaner or cleaning out the MAF
  12. I had the post where some had the part numbers for the climate control lights but i cant find it now. Any one have any idea on what the number is or the size? Im going to make all the lights blue eventually cause im not a big fan of the green so the size info would be great. Heres what im considering putting in:
  13. btw do u have pics for the pc in your car, ive been considering building one and hooking it up to my head unit(double din 6.5in)
  14. ah i see. I would think since the air is colder it is denser, kinda like a cold air intake improving mpg or a turbo with an inter-cooler. never thought about the gas additives. thanks for the input, ever tried a K&N filter?