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  1. Hey guys, Anyone know where the TPMS (tire pressure monitoring system) module is? I want to disable the TPMS in order to have a little more freedom to change rims when I want. I know the cons but I check my tire pressure regularly and I have come to find it a nuisance as I already have had 2 sensors go bad.
  3. I was never a fan of the halos but I must say that they look awesome on ur LS! Great job man!
  4. Thanks for all the Feed back! I am in the process of all my research as I am in search of my "car" I have my eye on this 2002 LS 430 ultra with 57k the guy is asking 16700 he seems reasonable and the carfax showed it to be a clean, well maintained car (for whatever thats worth) plus its about 100 miles from my house so Id say Im leaning towards it... Any particular aspect or detail about these cars mechanically or electronically I should be wary of? Mrgimme... In the simplest term I can think of its the way for japanese car companies to sell a first run of a car (eg the 01-03), known as a Zenki. Zenki is also referred to as before (M/C) face lift (as in the Junction Produce website ) and Kouki (eg the 04-06) is the updated of the model reffered to as after (M/C) facelift... Hope that helps...
  5. Thanks for the info! Do you know who makes the controller?
  6. Hi folks, I need to get a new used car, I want to get an Ls 430 but I want to be able to drop it low. I was in Japan not too long ago and fell in love with the "Bippu" style (VIP style). I started doing my research and I like the Zenki (01-04), I found out that a package trim comes with air ride but I need to know If it can be modified to go lower than the stock height and if not, does anyone have any air suspension suggestions for me. So, my question is would my best choice be to go with an (UL) ultra luxury package (the extra creature comforts are a plus) and modify its air ride suspension or a sport package and replace the suspension completely. I still do prefer the extras that come in the UL... So Im leaning quite alot towards the UL trim... Any feedback on the matter is greatly appreciated. Eddie K
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