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  1. Just to let you guys know all my problems went away when I replaced the Neutral Safety Switch. Back to car running and driving with no shifting problems and no gear indicator problems
  2. Okay people, got the new Neautral Safety Switch installed today and everything works 100% again. Back to running order. Thanks again eatingup for the pictures.
  3. Yeah those are def changed on yours, mine where clean with no zip ties and fully hidden.
  4. they all look original and they still look new. The looms, tape all still there and factory. I even lightly stripped the wires at the ends and bypassed them and nothing thus I know its not them. I did take out neutral safety switch and it seems to be somehow combining the positive in and the Reverse out wires inside the switch itself. I took the switch apart and all the brass is fine so it must be in the hard resin somewhere that is having an issue. Something I can't fix and have to replace. Hopefully this $145 part will solve the problem. Oh and to make matters worse the dame shift rod nut snapped off while taking out the switch so now I have to weld a new bolt onto the end to keep the shift rod attached. Foreign cars are not made to be simple I tell you that.
  5. And she didn't play with it, just giggled handle to make reverse lights go on, thus leads me to believe the switch was going. I did not know that was happening til all this happened of course.
  6. OMG eatingup thank you, just what I was looking for. I did test the safety switch myself and for some reason it shows the reverse terminal having output with the positive input on every position. I do not see how the switch could actually break but I think that is the problem. I took the whole switch apart and insides look fine but the continuity between the pins seems messed up. Basically everywhere the positive input is present the reverse output is somehow also present and vice versa. Not sure again how this would happen as I can't see the pins since the back side is coated in a hard resin. But $140 will hopefully fix this problem. Thanks again
  7. Simple wiring Open circuit means a wire can be cut and everything will function fine til that circuit is powered. Then nothing goes through A closed circuit is usually constant with power (no switch) thus closed and if broken it will immediately cause a problem. Thus when the lights or brake lights come on with this problem then yes it will happen with an open circuit which is what the lexus has. My problem could only be occuring in a closed circuit if none of the above effects have been introduced. So either I have a break somewhere else in the wire coming in contact with something or the neutral safety switch is bad. I have already pulled the neutral switch and tested it, but without the proper wiring diagrham I don't know if that is indeed the fault or I should search for another broken wire. I also do not know where the harness goes to from the neutral safety switch as it is above the tranny and extremely hard to trace unless tranny is lowered. Does this make sense to everyone yet. Getting frustrated as I have been out to the car with every suggestion and it has led me knowwhere.
  8. OMG so far no one on here has listened!!! I exposed all wires and all wires are fine, nothing wrong. 100% working and not broken. How do I make that any clearer. That is not the problem and all anyone wants to say is it is the hinge wires. It may be the most common problem but it is not mine
  9. How would a break in a ground wire cause this problem? I'm not new to working on cars but new to working on a Lexus. If the white had a break the back up lights should not illuminate due to no ground but they do. If any one of the wires had a break something would not work but they do. And again to the point that this does not happen when I stop on brakes or turn on lights thus powering the taillights and causing the R to illuminate. This happens when no power at all is going to the taillights which would eliminate the problem being in the hinge. There is no constant power going to the tail and thus no way a broken wire could cause a problem like this. I see it happening with the other scenarios but not mine it just makes no sense
  10. I understand this what I dont't understand is how it could cause my problem. Everyone else with this problem either has to turn on lights or apply breaks. I do neither It is on as soon as I turn key. Also if there was a break in the wire I would not get continuity through it and I am, tested with a volt meter. SO at that I think its not wires but the neutral safety switch.
  11. Okay I am in the works of fixing this issue. Getting irritated doing so but think process and error working so far. I think the issue is a neutral safety switch located on the upper passenger side of the tranny. It tells the computer and gauges what gear your in and in the case of reverse it also turns the reverse lights on. Right now my R stays on with lights and won't let the car shift out of 1st thinking the car is in Reverse. I think I might have to lower tranny to replace this part and so far the part is $100-$200 to replace. I will let you know if I replace this and that is the problem.
  12. I found that link before and it just tells a lamon what to do. I know how to do all that. I don't see how that would cause my problem though. This does not happen when the lights are on or I step on the brake. It is all the time. No matter what is done. I checked all the wires and wiggled every part in truck and nothing still. I do know the white wire is the ground wire, thus if it had a break it would be a ground fault. The red wire is the backup lights And the yellow and green are blinkers. The more I dive the more I think its the safety switch or the wire might have a break but somewhere other then hinge. I think my safest bet is to trace where the harness leads to leaving the neutral safety switch on the tranny. Anyone know that answer?
  13. what wire at hinge is usually the culprit of this (white)? I think I heard before. And could this be caused by the neutral safety switch going bad? Showing correct gear and R at same time? Anyone have a wiring or color code for wires coming from the Neutral safety switch?
  14. I did look at wires and they look new, not decayed, but I will I guess check bends and cut wire myself. I did find neutral switch on side of tranny and unplug harness and lights went out, but could not start car due to computer not knowing if its in park or neutral. But the open circuit confuses me. All other people had to turn there lights on to have this issue. I do not. The dash still indicates what gear I am in and at same time keeps R lit up. SO it shows both park and R, D and R and so on. Would this still possible be the hinge issue?
  15. It has all the same issues as the hinge short problem its just not shorted there. A short in the wire somewhere else would cause same problem and a bad switch at the console might cause the same problem. If switch is bad and thinks it is in Reverse all the time then problem solved, but I can't check until I find where the damn switch is. Any idea?