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  1. Hello, I have bought 06 GX470 a year ago and recently fixed clunk issue (drive line changed). Since then when I drive (accelerate to hight speed in high ways or in up hills where you expect drive line to be engaged) - I sense a vibration that drive line operation is not a smooth feeling (as it used to be). In other words it is kind of whirring noise as you step on to the accelerator. Though I don't sense vibration in steering wheel itself - it is certainly there at drive line level. When i drive up hills (I live in valley) It creates a noticeable noise and then vehicle picked up to full speed noise/vibration level reduces. Also it goes away if i take my foot off accelerator. I read through many posts (those are old in year 03-05 range) and most of them indicate "lexus aware of problem and no fix yet (as of that time)". Is there a fix now from Lexus for this ? I haven't approached the dealer yet but soon planning to. Let me know any suggestions to better describe the problem to dealer (as they always try to refuse the issue in the beginning) and get this addressed.
  2. Hi, My Lexus GX470 struts (some of them ) has minor seepage and dealer indicated a minimal seepage is normal. Is this warning sign that this would fail eventually or soon ? I was wondering this warrants any reparis within a year or two (for normal driving conditions, no off road commute) and I am asking to consider ext. warranty or not.. Appreciate your input Thanks
  3. Thanks for your suggestion. So far the dealer has been saying he couldn't find anything "wrong". So in such case what kind of evidence would help to justify that changing strut on other side did fix the issue ? Report from other independent shop ? Wondering what kind of evidence would stand strong to support my argument (I guess I would have more details today after I went to the shop).
  4. Hello, I had my front strut replaced recently under warranty as it was leaking. Since then my driving experience is changed where it rocks on uneven roads, on corner turns it constantly rocks on side ways. I read many threads here and also recommendation that struts must be replaced in pairs. However my continuous argument with dealer didn't help - they say they couldn't find anything wrong ! I spoke to lexus they offered no help as dealer didn't find anything ( I was surprised by their response - receptionist providing me the response). What can I do ? I am takinig to independent shop tomorrow to check it... Is GX470 that's how behaves normally (may be my experience was different before as one strut was failed and it might have been bit hard) ? Still I can't think of how it can rock like this - not a peace of mind in driving anymore. I just bought an extended warranty also - with the way lexus responded to me I was thinking whether I have made right decision in buying their warranty. Also i heard from few that there are many incidents like this from Toyota refusing to address this kind of issues simply because other strut didn't fail. Appreciate lead on how I can proceed further to resolve this ? Thanks
  5. I just spoke Toby and he quoted me following prices for GX470 2006 model: 7YR 75 - 1750 8YR 75 - 1965 7yr 100K - 2280 8YR 100 k - 2685 He said it is actually about buying from Lexus dealer where he is business manager. And once paid by CC he will mail documents to home and is same as current factory warranty (except that key lock assistance not included). Do you know what other differences in this Platinum warranty compared to factory warranty ? Anything else I should consider and rely on this ? I see in this forum many have referred this person, so hoping everything is good.
  6. I am contemplating to buy Lexus Extended warranty Premium plan as my 06 GX470 's orgininal warranty by next week. Given that I just had to replace a strut on front, it pushed me more towards considering to buy the warranty. Question is what are the best sources to buy this lexus warranty from other than local dealers. Lexus web site says for 7yr 75K miles it costs $2400 for this vehicle. First of all I don't understand why it differs from dealer to dealer. Does it matter which dealer I buy it from? Can safely buy from out of state dealers ? In that case how do I make sure that purchase went through valid- call up lexus after purchase to confirm it is effective in my vehicle record ? I have only 44K mileage and hitting 4 yr time limit only. Please advise.
  7. Thanks for your detailed reply. It's been a week since it got replaced. I can say that I feel 4 for pretty sure, 2 may be (have to watch out specifically to confirm). And also I feel mild pulsating when I apply breaks at or above 30m speeds along with very mild vibration from sides having old struts. I don't if this is due to break/rotor issue - but I didn't had this consistently before strut was replaced (the one last week). It is very consistently happens now that when I apply break, pulsating combined with mild vibration. Does this lead to asking for replacing all remaining 3 of the struts or just the one on front left side (RIGHT one was replaced last week) ? I am wondering there is test to check shock absorbing quality of strut using some test and not just relying on whether it leaks oil or not ? Dealer told me only when oil leaks then it should be changed ..but I believe there could be cases where struts looses its functioning quality (withstand/handle shocks) without oil getting leaked?
  8. Exactly I fully agree with NC on the struts replacement theory. If the dealer is saying one has to be replaced, he is taking you for a ride. That what they say and practice when tryin to replace something on warranty. Right now my front RIGHT struts got replaced. So with your comment I guess my front LEFT also should be changed and no need to alter those on REAR ? How better I can put forth my argument to dealer that pair should be changed ? - safety issue or any other supportive comments would convince them ?
  9. If anyone selling it please reply. v8.1 or v7 should work (Gen 4 I guess).
  10. Hello, My GX470 2006 recently diagnosed with front strut oil leaking and dealer changing it as it is under warranty. Earlier other service location (local) told me all my struts were begin to leak...but dealer says only one on front (others are normal). Have anyone faced issue with Struts GX470 ? Is it prone to failure ? Soon my GX470 will be out of warranty - Somewhere i heard dealer charges $700 for replacing one strut.. Having faced this problem I was wondering I should consider getting an extended warranty. I am the 2nd owner and having it for last 9 months (I haven't had any bump.. I think this issue was there since I bought it earlier this year). Also should i insist dealer to check the condition of other struts? By default I guess they don't want to... Please advise. Thanks
  11. Hello I have recently got GX470 2006 model and I have until end of the year for my original mfr warranty. I never owned lexus but heard lot about its dependability. Should I be really be having Extended warranty if I look forward to have the vehicle for at least 3-4+ years ? Or will I be risking more not having it ? Appreciate your inputs from current/past owners Thanks