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  1. I think if you go on line you can still buy II, but I was told they are forward compatible with IV , which I think is the newest. I would do more research and not rely on that however. I know these pumps do go and it is great that you did a complete rebuild/replace. I have a 97 that makes a little noise. I just did the suck out and replace with NAPA dextron. The dealer was not much help. They just told me they use power steering fluid.
  2. I have a 97 LS with 147K miles. I would like recommendation on where on line is the best place to buy wires and spark plugs. Also, if you know the plug(number/brand). I have some info on this in my file, but I wanted to get opinions before spending alot on wires and plugs. Thanks! Also, I think I need a new battery in my remote. Again, an info on this would be appreciated. Thanks!
  3. It is sort of hinged. You just need to push on one side and release the plastic hook built into the cover.
  4. I just looked at your post again. If this is from Valvoline, I would call it worthless. If that is the case you are now in a he said she said with the dealer pointing at Valvoline and you in the middle. If the dealer did this. I would go directly to Lexus and, ask them put something in writing that the other fluid is ok. But this will not be easy. Do this after the flush.
  5. I would love to see the spec sheet you are referring to. I have never hear of a dealer not using the recommended product if it was available. I would never put anything but what was recommended by the manufacturer in my car without a lot of documentation and input. I have the same year car with 146k miles on it. I just did a flush at 145k with no issues using Toyota fluid. I used dextron 2(now 4 i think) in the power steering fluid only as stated in the manual. I would flush it out asap.
  6. I have a 97 LS 400 that has treated me very well. I need a SUV and wanted a 330 /400 Lexus or a Toyota Highlander. Any recommendations or ideas. I need to buy something soon. Thanks!!!
  7. I am the happy owner of a 97 LS 400. I need to buy a new used car and am looking for a 330, 400 or a Toyota highlander. I sort of stumbled into the 97 LS400. I had a service manager at a Lexus dealer tell me to keep my car as long as possible. He said that by 97 they had all the "bugs" worked out of the car. Well I think Toyotas are great cars in general, but I do think that some years are probably better than others. So here is the question, I hope to get lots of comments. What year vehicles would you recommend or avoid and why? Thanks in advance for your input.
  8. On my 97 you just push the front in and it hings up. If it is pretty easy to do like this, then yours in different and you need to wait for another response. Hope this help!? I'd like to hear how you are running the wire. I had mine done at best buy.
  9. ya, I guess. About 25,000 of my miles are from long highway road trips(4,000 plus miles each). Also, I live in Texas and the roads are in very good shape. I was raised in Buffalo, NY, so I know how bad roads and winters can be on cars. Sill interested in what you it really turns out to be.
  10. I was reading the person that mentioned the strut bars. That might be a good candidate. I have a 97 as well with 145k on it. I hate to think you could have a front end issue at only 110k, but no car is perfect. If you ride on bad city roads a lot this might happen I guess. I has one suggestion. I has 3 of my 4 Michelin tires that were replaced under warrant, because they were out of round. It was not easy to see, but it did cause vibration and a slight shimmy that was corrected with new tires. I would think that if you rotated these around you might see if this was a problem. Like to hear wha
  11. Thanks. I want to try the drain a quart and add a quart method, if I can get comfortable with a set up that works on my car. I did my truck like this and it was pretty easy, but a little messy until I got the hang of it.
  12. ok, you convinced me not to go crazy with the ps fluid. I will use your method, sounds easy and makes sense. If I do not power flush the tranny, have you used or recommend the "quart out, quart in" method of replacing the tranny fluid. Some sent a link to instructions for doing this on 90-94 model(pics an all). Thanks!
  13. I have a 97. Is it the same process and fluid? Thanks!
  14. Ok, I think we beat the transmission fluid issue to death. I have a question on the power steering fluid. I know I need to change mine at 143k on my 97 ls. It probably is the original. I have never looked at it or seen a service interval on it. I have read different things on changing it from draining it at the hose or solenoid to sucking it out a few times between turning the wheel. I understand that getting out the air is the problem with the normal drain and fill method. I really need to do this as I am also have been hearing noise on turns. So here is the question. Does anyone have a g
  15. Hey, I sent an earlier response without looking at the year. I would go with the advise of the Lexus dealer. I have a much older 97 ls400. You do change the tranny fluid and filter on these. What does the extended warranty manual say? When I have questions like this on the car, I normally bypass the service writer(or what ever they call them and go through the parts department to find someone in the garage to give me answers on question like this. Ask to talk to the Service Dept Manager. It does sound odd that the fluid "never" needs replacing. I do not think the normal maintenance sched
  16. Your tranny needs to have at least the fluid changed are regular intervals(about 30k). It is best to get it flushed by qualified shop that works on lexus vehicles.
  17. I have the same question on my 97 lexus. Did you get a response?
  18. I have the same model year. I changed my belt at 105k on the recommendation of my mechanic(non-lexus), who said that the belts are very beefy. He also said that this motor would not be hurt if the belt broke, but another reader said that this year did not have that type of engine. Regardless, the belt I had replaced looked great. No cracks wear etc. He said he replaced belts at 150k that looked fine. That is a good price on the car if all else is ok. But, it is a car, so nothing is perfect. Mine has a water leak in the truck that seems to be pretty common. I need to replace my gasket. It is
  19. I have a 97 and just changed it last year at 110K last year. I got the old belt. It is in perfect condition. I just see a local mechanic that I have used for years. He told me that the Lexus belt is very big and beefy. It is. He has changed them on cars with the orig at 150k and they were fine. He alos said that this motor would not be damaged it the belt did break. I might add it to the list of things to do at some point, but I would not worry about it. Just shop long for the best deal to change it. I did not change mine, but it does not look hard, it just needs to be done by someone you
  20. I have a sun roof question as well. My roof motor will run after it closes. To stop it I have to push the close switch again to make it stop. Any suggestions on this or on routine maintenance on the roof, seals, etc? thanks!
  21. How do you get a tape adapter to work? On my 97 it reverses and ejects
  22. If it is the switch I am thinking about(my car is getting an oil change), it does effect the rpm that the car shifts at. It is sort of a subtle difference. I notice most from 1st to 2nd.
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