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  1. flex

    Felt a horrible vibration at the rear end of my sc300 while driving recently, had it checked out and turns out the gears in the diff has gone bad. So i purchased a used diff same size and everything however i observed 3s inscriped on it while 3v is inscriped on the one that went bad. What does these inscription mean?

  2. Im going to agree and disagree with this. Port and polish is not worth the money unless your building the block for n/a, may get a few hp but nothing worth the money put into it (unless your boosting). If you do decide that you still want to p&p then i suggest decking the head a little bit to raise compression getting cams and see if you can find a machine shop to bore out the throttle body (there are a few online places that do this for about 100 bux including new plates) get a nice header and exhaust(not crush bent) and OBX twin loop mufflers. i haven't been around the toyota community in a while so i dont know the feelings twords OBX products, but ill tell you from experience that OBX twin loops make power then ANY other exhaust (twin loops in general that is). People usualy shy away from them because there cheap and they think there garbage so they never give it a chance. I had a straight pipe on my honda and switched to a twin loop and had to completely retune my car because i was making power EVERYWHERE. If your worried about noise, there very quiet around town but when you get get on the gas it really sounds nice. i know i just bumped an old topic- but i figured if epople are going to send links to it, it needed to be updated
  3. manual or auto? it could be tps same thing happend to my civic
  4. I just picked up a silver 97' SC300 auto. i needed a daily driver i wont mod i have a civic i have torn apart over the past 4 years that finally gave up the ghost last thursday. so i need a car to get around and get my civic fixed and picked up the 300 from my friend who has owned a few, his last one was 1jz swap and i always loved it. It came with some chrome rims im not to fond of im thinking of some 18's with the right tire size (what is the stock tire size by the way?) im thinking blackw ith a chrome lip would be nice. Ill get some pictures up soon i just cant figure out where i put my camera... Here are a few questions i had. There is a shake in the front end over 60mph and its intermittent, i think it might be the caliper seizing but im not sure, ideas? the cd changer is broke, the cartridge doesnt go in right does anyone have any pictures of theirs especially the pins that hold the cartridge in? I dont want another loud car but it would be nice to hear the engine when i get on it. Would a midpipe help? or Header? or any quiet cat backs? thanks for your help fico