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  1. I have the same color, Black Obsidian. This color is high maintenance but thanks for the advice. I think i'll skip the free car washes.
  2. When i bought my car last Sat (09 ES 350 w/ Nav), my Lexus dealer offered the following: Complementary car wash every week Complete wash and detail on my birthdays I have to sign up to be an 'elite' member (free) and have to bring the car there for regular service and agree to have a small emblem of the dealer's name on the back. I intend to bring my car in to the dealer for service anyway but am i risking damage to my paint job ? It seems like a good deal -- weekly car washes and their service cost are comparable to others in the area. They have a dedicated mechanical car wash system for
  3. Hey fellows, Thanks for the congrats and for answering my question. My 97 ES 300 had over 120k miles; was having stalling problems but for the most part was trouble free. It was actually my wife who pushed me into trading my 97 so lucky me! I really love this car, quiet and built like a vault. My only beef is that it takes a while to figure out the Nav system as i am not technically inclined, but I'll get it eventually. Look forward to being a member! :D
  4. I've been lurking here for quite a while. I was doing research on my 97 ES 300 idling problems and came across this site. Everyone here is very helpful and knowleadgeable. I finally bit the bullet and bought a 2009 ES 350, Black with Nav, no ML though. I thought my 97 was quiet but man, this car is a cocoon! Talk about sound isolation. Just got the car this past Sat and still getting used to it. I have one question though -- Does the Nav provide turn-by-turn directions? Will it pronounce steet names? So far it's only saying the freeway exit numbers. Thanks.
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