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  1. I appreciated, you guys answer all my questions. Thanks again.
  2. :) Hi all, Thanks to all of you guys for great info from this site, thanks. I have few questions that I need good advise from you guys. I bought McCulloch 8000K HID conversion kit for my 2001 GS 300 which it carry bluish color that I don't like. I want HID with super bright white. I found HID bulb called "8000K Diamond White" so I email them here is what they reply to me: The 9000K is Violet White. The 8500K is Blue + Violet white The 8000K is diamond white. The 6000K is white and carry a little bluish. I thought K rate is for different color so wondering could 8000K have two different color? Have anyone have 8000K that carry super white? thanks. P.S. I appreciate if anyone tell me good place to buy HID bulbs.
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