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  1. This is a DEFINITE Carbon Buildup issue. Ask/demand dealer to start a TAS case (Technical Assistance System) on your vehicle. I strongly advise you to call Lexus Corporate---Lexus is aware of such carbon buildup issues.
  2. BRAND NEW...Boxed...never mounted...will open box to take/post actual pics later. INVIDIA Mid-pipes for GS300/350/430 RWD (06-up GS models) http://www.invidia-usa.com/Products.aspx?ProductID=239 $300 (picked-up/Orange County,Ca) $340 (SHIPPED) you can also reach me at: cosmicdon@msn.com
  3. For Sale is an authentic LX-Mode grill in graphite color. test-fitted only in my car 1x only; no road time; perfect fitment. will fit all 06-07 GS3s (not sure about +08 MY). sitting in my garage for almost a month now-purchased for $520 + tax on Dec. 21, 09 from Ltuned/CarsonToyota. im selling because i bought the wife a new roadster before christmas. asking $450/OBO + shipping local SoCal pick-ups/PAYPAL OK. email: cosmicdon@msn.com Thanks.
  4. im wondering if it is normal for the 06 GS300 to consume a quart or two in between 5000miles oil changes?? is it normal to add oil in between 5k miles oil changes to add oil to keep the level above minimum?? im fairly new to this car..
  5. My 06 GS300 would stutter around 5000rpms when i floor it when idling, it would stutter (pause) at this point for about 2-3secs, then climb up to redline; after i repeat the same procedure 2nd-3rd time, it would just go to redline without pausing, or stuttering....It would do this "cycle" everytime after initial Start. Any thoughts??? I recently brought my car for service due to CEL which was diagnosed to have a bad Gas Cap (replaced), and a leak in the evap system, i dont think this stuttering is related to an evap. leak though. Car runs smooth, no noticeable power loss/miss fire when driving, No CEL currently , Stuttering happens with either a cold or warm engine.
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