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  1. Hi I hope somebody can help me. My 2004 Ls430 (249683 miles) is doing some strange things lately. 1. My rear lights (the red brake lights at the back of the car) just stay on even when the car is off. ! Really weird. I have to disconnect my battery to make sure it doesn't kill the battery. 2. The petrol door and boot (trunck) just open at random. This is really weird. Anyone aware of how I can remedy this. Your help will be much appreciated. Thanks
  2. WHAT DOES THIS BOX DO..?? IT'S BEHIND THE REAR VIEW MIRROR..? they say it's rain sensor but i really cant tell?? But how does this thing work?
  3. Hi, sorry if this is a repeat question.... I have just purchased a ls400 1999 model. my second LS now. the touch screen and dash are all in japanese!! I read somewhere that if I was to replace the box in the boot with a UK one then it'll change the language. however, would I have to change the touch screen unit also? will the dash language change also? Will my radio start working if I replaced it? it has TV option..so will this also start working? I have been quoted £80 for a navigation computer...Is this a good price? Many thanks
  4. My 1996 LS400 just reached 426,476 km and still drive like a dream. Cant wait till it gets to 500,000 km mark.....watch this sthis space.