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  1. Thanks for the quick reply.... Guess I'll 'git er done'. Lexus and my dealership have been great to me over the years, I can't complain much....
  2. When Park Assist is on in my GS, it is incorrectly sensing something when I put the car in reverse. Took it in to the dealer, and diagnosis was a failed sensor. Quote to repair is $500 for parts and service. Technician told me they need to pull the whole bumper off to repair this... Seems pretty steep to me... anyone have any similar issue or experience with this? The car is no longer under warranty....
  3. I am head over heels for my 2014 GS 350 AWD. Every time I get into it I like it more than the day before. This is by far the most fantastic car I have ever owned... Liquid Platinum exterior, black interior...Gorgeous...
  4. Friend of mine had tpms light come on and all 4 tires were fine. He took it in to the dealership and they figured out it was the 5th tpms sensor... on the spare tire. I think he has an LX. Do all spares have tpms on them?
  5. Just took my '06 GS 300 in --- all four wheels were 'bubbling' under the e-coat. They replaced all four without an argument. Service guy told me that when it happens, it always happens to all 4 wheels since they came out of the same bad lot. This is why I bought a Lexus. If this had been a GM car I would be in court fighting for new wheels...
  6. esowers.... I recently bought an 06 GS300 AWD.... great car, love it... The main advice I can give you is to make sure you know all the options the car has.... you may be disappointed for instance if you overlook that the car doesnt have Navi or backup camera... if thats not important to you, great, just make sure you are paying the right price for the options that are right for you....
  7. I dunno... Im my market I have to work the REAL HARD to get the price down to low 20's range....And that is by taking the condition low and the miles HIGH. Mine is in near Excellent condition, 30k miles, and I paid 28k.
  8. I test drove a 2006 GS300 yesterday and loved it... but the one thing I did notice was that it seemed that the slush mats were VERY slippery. It almost seemed to me like the guy that had it put Armor-All on them. Are the just naturally slippery? It wasn't even wet outside.
  9. See my comments in Bold below... Let me know what you end up doing! I am picking mine up tomorrow (Sat.) :cheers: Welcome to the Club :cheers: