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  1. They are the "C-West" eyelids with the 3M tape on the back if that's what you mean by info.
  2. I'm sorry i really dont know what kind of info you are looking for. I'm a newbie
  3. I bought a pair of eyelids and they weren't the ones I wanted but it would cost me half as much to send them back as it would to just try to sell them. So if anyone is looking for eyelids I have a set for $30 they're black. I was also wondering if anyone knows where to get the eyelids that fit the bottom of the headlights like on the BMW's. I saw a pair on Lextasy.com but they weren't selling the eyelids they were selling the grille. If anyone knows what I am talking about shout me a holla.
  4. yeah what up man i'm from Maple Grove. 2003 IS300. I'm pretty new to the site and am looking for performance upgrades if you know of any let me know. I have a short ram air intake on order right now but I haven't heard anything good about them yet. If I do I'll let you know. peace
  5. For leather treatment I would suggest Zaino Bros Leather in a bottle. Zaino has great products that I swear by. Car Polish to wax to tire gloss, it all works great. Their "in between waxes spray" is the best I've used yet also.
  6. Thanks man, How do you like the E-Shift? Not quite a 5spd but it still moves. Do you think SRT is the best brand as far as power or just your opinion? I only ask because my friend bought an Injen that "supposedly" gave him 10hp more but who knows if it really did ya know? Plus he has a Maxima and maybe our engines are tuned higher performance wise before hand or something.
  7. What's up fellas I've been contemplating whether or not to spice up my '03 IS300 and now I have decided to do it. I would like to know what is the best intake for the money and what type of exhaust to get (without comprimising too much sound) any help at this point would be great. Thanks
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