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  1. The some lights on my dash do not come in cold weather. The light for headlight, and Reverse comes on but all others remain off until the car has warmed up, usually after 10 - 15 mins of driving. They start out by flickering for 5 sec or so then stay on. If I start up the car again within 8 hrs or less, the lights come on as normal. Any thoughts??
  2. Hi folks, need some help on a '94 LS400. About a year ago the light started coming on about once every 4 months. Lately it comes on couple times a week. My mech did some diagnostics and got a 54 code. He checked for brake fluid leaks, some voltage test, and now suggests replacing the accumulator and/or the actuator. If that doesn't fix it, then I need to take to the dealer Any thoughts on what else I can do to test/fix this problem? If I just live with the problem, will it cause other problems?? :( Thanks, looking forward to your suggestions.
  3. Hi Folks, looking for some feedback/suggestions on a '94 LS400 issue. My trac light comes on from time to time. Started about a year ago - it would come on once in 4 months or so. Lately it comes on a couple times a week. My mech did some diagnostics and got a code 54 (pump cycling too frequently). He did all the follow up tests (check for brake fluid leak, voltage test etc.) and all seems ok. The next step he said is replacing the accumulator and or the actuator. If that doesn't fix it then I need to take it to the dealer ...not what I had in mind after spending $1500 to replace my stee
  4. Folks, I have a different experience with my 94 LS400. I live in the backwoods of NJ and commute about 45 miles to work. My trusty chariot seems to do just fine. It's no 4wd to be sure, but I very rarely hesitate if the snow is under 10".
  5. LS400Convert, Thanks for the info on the PS replacement. It doesn't sound too bad.
  6. Great big thanks to all for your responses. I plan to replace the pump within the next week. I am just a bit teed off at my mechanic as he had determined that it was the hose that was the problem and replaced it. When it continued to leak he added a liquid to the reservoir that shows up leaks under black light, then determined it was the pump that was leaking :chairshot: Couple questions: any online auto store you would recommend? Do Reman hold up fairly well? Delco Vs Maval etc.. any difference between then...quality wise? Again, thanks for your thoughts.
  7. My P/S Pump is starting to leak. About once a week I top off the reservoir. Question: 1) can this lead to other problems? I saw a post about an alternator needing to be replaced as a result of the leak. Is that fact or fiction? 2) Any advantage to buying a Delco Reman versus a Maval reman, or any other mfr for that matter? This is for a 94 ls400. Thanks in advance for your thoughts.
  8. According to Kelly Blue Book (www.KBB.COM) it is worth about $14,725 US. Visit the site and you can add more details to get a better estimate. Keep in mind, that is a US estimate...price in your country could be higher or lower. Good luck!
  9. A lot will depends on just how well it has been maintained and treated. I add "treated" because I have seen some cars that have been dealer maintained that has had the crap beat out of them. That aside, I have seen a few LS400 at 250K+ (and I hope to get at least that much out of mine). My 1990 Volvo has over 300K and I sort of take it for granted that the Lexus should equal or eclipse that.
  10. Steve, Had the wheels balanced and that jiggle cleared right up. Thank for the tip. B)
  11. I was always curious about where the LS top out (speed-wise). At 120, was she floored or was there room to grow, say maybe another 20 or 30 MPH? ;)
  12. Thanks, for the Ph #. I will ask my service guy to evaluate if I need new suspensions.
  13. Thanks! I did look at the first link, but wasn't sure about them (quality wise). Will let you know how it turns out.
  14. I need to replace my P/S hose {for 94 LS400} and the dealer is quoting $360 for the hose. I have looked around on the net and see prices half of that. Problem is, I am not sure of the quality. Any of you folks know of a reliable source that carry high quality P/S hose? Or is this one of those items you suck up and go with the dealer? Thanks
  15. Thanks! ...was planning to this summer...I will just move up the schedule for that item.
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