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  1. As the folks from Vermont DMV can attest to, the largest selling car in the state of Vermont (my home) is the AWD Subaru. My point, was, that if cars are to be compared, they should at least be comparable in all major respects, including if they are RWD and FWD, thus the Avalon/ES/Camry vis a vis all other cars in Lexus line up. Cars are very personal spaces and people make judgements about them based upon personal preferences. We should take heart in the tremendous variety of choices available to us and go on with life. About being a conservative driver.. YES I am; and I will do what I can
  2. The ES is the ONLY FWD lexus sedan. The Avalon and Camry BOTH are FWD. Huge differences in cold, snowy weather performance compared to old, ancient RWD. (My opinion since I lioved in VT for 30 years) If you liver in a sunny clime you may not ever appreciate the FWD advantages. Not to mention gas mileage! I get 22 city 30+ mpg on the road. LS is a gas hog by comparison. Alank22181, 2004 ES330, ruby red, with Nav premioum pkg.
  3. My 2004 ES 330, has lots of hesitation shifting out of 3rd, until warmed up. Ive got about 25,000 miles on it, runs smooth except for feeling "stuck" in gear. Its been behaving better since having the re-write done to the car software, but still is annoying for a car in this price range. DEaler has been excellent (Pohanka Lexus in Chantilly, VA). I also have improved gas mileage, squeeking by 30mpg a few times while on trips. Alan in Vienna
  4. In the new edition of Lexus Mag, photos of 2007 ES 350, Pg 57. Describes the new features and a "Ultra Luxury Package" what ever that means. Its always a wonder to me why someone would complain about a car built for quiet, stability, and comfort for passengers and driver. You want sporty - get a sports car and feel every bump, and crash into guard rails at high speeds, and spin out of control because the car is unable to handle the chaotic nuero responses of the human behind the wheel. As for me- I love my 2004 ES 330, its handling, its comfort and stability. I like it's rock solid stabilit
  5. This is design flaw and should be fixed immediately. No reason at all for rear wipers to contact surface with enough pressue accross the entire window. At over $40,000, no one should be having these types of complaints! The 400h with AWD us supposed to work well in all weather conditions... snow, ice among them. Your life is in jeapordy if/when the rear wipers fail to give you a clear window. I'd bring it in and tell them to fix the problem- don't let the dealer off the hook. While Rain-X is a quick fix, you will be refreshing it often as it tends to wear off uder daily use for ice.snow/rain
  6. I cannot vouch for the X drive, however my Subaru Leagcy AWD works like a dream in any weather. I lived in VT for 30 years, in the mountains, with 130 in snow average, Oct- May, and temps hovering at -30F (thats 30 below zero) and Subaru knows how to build cars that work in those conditions. Whether climbing up hills or going down, or on tight curves, the AWD system is flawless. Our Vermont roads are littered with BMW's and Mercedes Rear Wheel drive cars smashing into guard rails and mountainsides, because they are not suited for the terrain and conditions. I assume the 400h AWD would be si
  7. My dealer told me about the update and it was installed when the car was in for it's regular service. There was no cost to me, I have a 2004 ES 330. The service manager did say that it was likely that future updates would have a charge, unless there was a major fault discovered. I enjoy a wonderful dealership located in Chantilly, VA (Pohanka) and they have an outstanding staff of service managers. I must admit that with only 18,000 miles on the ES 330, I am not a hi-maintenance driver. Most of my miles are long trips of 300-500 mile length. You may OR may not find any change, since the map i
  8. Please Help.... My car, with 17,000 miles on it has now begun to fill the cabin with an odor resembling an electrical smell just after the heater comes on. In a few minutes the odor goes away. At no time have I received a signal that something is wrong, and I have the car cleaned on a regular basis to keep it free for debris. I live in Metro DC, and the car is outside in a parking lot. The only time this ever happens is after the car has chilled for a few hours and I start it up. Last year, the car was garaged every day and I never had the odor. The type of odor concerns me, but it's inte
  9. :whistles: I have a 2004 ES 330, (Black Garnet, Levinson Audio, + Nav) and was recently driving from Wash DC to NJ coast; I noticed several times where the Nav system provided incorrent or poor routing advice, several times the voice instruction was 180 degrees from map display. At other times, the exit ramp information was wrong and/or the original chosen route changed. Several times I noted incorrect road identification assigned, especially on state and county roads. The results may add hours to the trip. I have several questions: Is there a software upgrade to correct these errors?
  10. Mpg is not as simple as it seems. The mpg display is giving you a time based average of the MPG. If you wait at a stop light it averages in the time in with the actual consumption when the car is moving. Around town I average a driving speed of 21 mph... pretty slow. This figure has a significant influence on the displayed mpg. I accurately recorded a vast array of data at each fill up. It took me about 5 min to record everything in my little book. If I want an accurate mpg- I zero the trip meter, fill the tank and at the next fill up get the gallons figure. Simple division does the rest
  11. :whistles: One Month Later.... Low speed shifting lag continues, however now I am mindful of the conditions related to transmission fluid temperature. Everything now makes sense since this problem NEVER happens when the car sits in the roasting sun this summer. <_< Here is a new question: If I move to a cold climate, is a transmission heater needed? I have a reply to members who want to find another brand of car... sit in the back seat! BMW squishes you except for the series 6, and if you have big feet like me, Jaguar, BMW and Mercedes can't even come close to the comfort in the Lex
  12. tc004.pdf "The same problems you are having",: Is that before or after the TSB reprogramming? steviej ← If you go back to post 337 or 338, there is the information for the reflash. I am attaching here the PDF file originally provided by steviej. I printed it out, took it to my dealer's repair shop and said I wanted it done. They complied and in an hour I was done. Your post did not say if you had this work done- so I am assuming that it was not and therefore this is a continuing problem which you are dealing with. Please keep us informed- it is always good to know what the
  13. The ECM is programmed to delay the shifting until the engine & transmission is up to the proper operating temperature, so I suggest trying to let it warm up enough so the temperature gauge reads above the cold mark(not necessarily up to the full temp reading), and then retry this test when coming out of your driveway. You should find that it will now upshift to the next higher gear more quickly. This new reflash gives you better control of this upshifting. If while accelerating from a slow speed, you take your foot off the accelerator pedal slightly it will give you this upshift immediate
  14. This dealership has never filled my gas tank anytime I take my car in for service. In fact, frequently the loaners will only have a half a tank of gas. When I first got my car almost 2 years ago they used to vacuum everytime, but they have since stopped doing that as well. They do wash the cars still, but I always ask for them not to do that because their automatic wash scratches the heck out of my paint. Two times before they forgot to not wash it, but they did pay $150 each time for my detailer to clean up their mess. Now I put a large sign on the dash saying "No Wash" everytime I bring it i
  15. Thanks to members of this list I assembled the reflash info, took it to my dealer and had the work done. The higher speed lagging has gone. The outstanding lagging now occurs at low speeds of 20-30mph, when the transmission appears to be locked in 3rd. Often happens after the car has been sitting for several days, (I am in a low-speed neighborhood street). I take the car out of the driveway, to my local street, (25mph zone), The transmission sticks in 2nd gear and the RPM's zoom up, the MPG plunges. If I take the car above 40, the shift occurs normally and does not reappear until the car
  16. I have read many of the comments on this thread hoping that someone would have run into my problem- but nothing has surfaced- therefore I'll chime in with another "tranny" problem. I call it a Dragging at acceleration I have a 2004 330 and have about 10,000 miles on it after 1 year of driving. The last few months I have been alarmed by a dragging feeling occuring and the transmission appears to be stuck in 3rd gear. The RPM's are 1000 over what they should be for the speed I am driving. This situation can happen on city driving 20-40 mph or on open highway, at 50-60 mph. Its always evident
  17. Your Lexus salsperson should be taken to the woodshed and thrashed! I bought my ES 330 here in Virginia for $28,000 including a end to end warranty, taxes, etc. It is completely loaded with every option imaginable. The dealer is fantastic and provides me a free carwash/cleaning every time I take it in for ANY reason. This is the best car I have ever driven and my Passengers love it because this is a well designed PASSENGER car. The best way to make sure the car lasts is to treat it well. With you warranty and service contract take it to your service at each 2500 mile intervals. They will cle
  18. I have had my ES 330 since May (2004) and to date and never had any problems like these mentioned. My gas mileage is 22 city/local and on recent 500 mile trip to NC on I-66 and 81 I averaged 29mpg. Comfort during this 6hr trip was fabulous for driver and passenger. Excellent support etc. I did find my driving comfort was improved when I adjusted the steering wheel to match my seat height. This is the quietest car I have ever owned. The auto wipers are heavenly; in fact every option has worked beyond expectations. My only design complaint is that my right arm is constantly bumping into a c
  19. Ive got the same car, and would call the service department at the lexus dealer for location of the nav antenna. I chose to delay purchase of the satellite system, wanting to wait for prices to come down and if the programming would improve. Best of luck on the installation and please let us know what you found out. Alan K in NoVa :D
  20. My ES 330, new in May, has 5000 miles on odometer. Monitoring MPG is easy since it is part of the automated functions. My Avg city is 22, my avg highway is 27. I am currently using 89 octane, even though hi grade is recommended. I keep a book recording each fill, the price/gal, the supplier, the miles travelled and the MPG. I also record each service, the cost and the place where the service is done. My record keeping may be a bit odd to some, but It's easier for me to see trends when accurate records are kept. :P alan in NoVa
  21. Really sorry to hear about your Lexus Dealer experience. If you were closer to Virginia I'd have sent you to Pohanka Lexus in Chantilly. They know what service and honesty are. I purchased my 2004 ES330 in late May, its a wonderful car. My passengers say it's the best ride they have had in a long time. My service has been excellent and without any problems. I recently had a tire problem, they asked me to leave it overnight while they got a replacement, gave me a loaner NO QUESTIONS ASKED. They called when the car was done, they called again a day later to see if i was satisfied with the servi
  22. I'm in Fairfax Virginia, its west of DC by about ten miles. I came here from Vermont about 9 years ago. The traffic here is awful- BUT I rarely ever use my car for daily travel- DC has a wonderful light rail system. The 2004 ES 330 I bought in May is my first Lexus; having only owned Subaru wagons for years and years and years. Can't beat the AWD for negotiating through snow storms, slick roads, steep inclines and tight winding roads. None of tht is here in DC! We are thinking of relocating to Pittsfield Mass when I retire, but first have to find a Lexus dealer somewhere.
  23. Hope this helps! Alan K- enthusiastic new Lexus owner
  24. Since someone else started the discussion thread about engine oils, I thought I might gain some insight from the group on a related question. I have just reached my 5000 mile mark with my ES 330 and am delighted with the performance of the car- my average highway mileage is now over 27mpg, and city/highway combined is 22 mpg. :) Is there any additional improvement in MPG if I was to change to any of the synthetics? If so, what could I expect? Some Background Info: When I owned Subaru Legacy wagons throughout the 1990's, and lived in Vermont, I found a large difference when I switched to
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