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  1. Ripped all of the Nakamichi junk out! Put new door speakers and tweeters in. Replaced rear deck speakers and the sub. Sub got replaced with a Kicker competition 8. Put a strictly digital input Alpine head unit in with an Autotek amp bridged pushing the 8. Rest of speakers running off of deck power. Now it sounds like it should. Clear and loud.
  2. Thanks for the advice guys. I ordered some online. Try them next week when they arrive. I really don't think they can get this smell out though. We will see.
  3. Well, the smell is not due to dirty filters because there weren't any in the car! I wonder if I add them, will it filter out some of that smell? I recently had a fitting inserted into a box inside the glove compartment on the passenger's side of the car. Some cleaner was inserted to kill any mold that could be in there. It almost resembled a can of fix a flat. That helped somewhat. Then I placed the air on low and sprayed cleaners and air freshners through the vents under the hood in front of the windshield wipers. Next, I will try filters. Can they be purchased locally, or do they have to be purchased off the internet or dealer?
  4. Thanks so much guys! Very big help. If I can ever get an evening at home, I will tackle it. I hope this is all it is or I am listing that sucka on here for sale. Can't even get my girlfriend to set foot in the car for this reason. Ha!
  5. Mine is a 95 model and I notice a slight vibration, a dull roar, when reaching a speed of 55 or 60. That is where it begins. It almost sounds as if it is below the shifter or console in between the seats. If not for this noise, the car would be very quiet. I plan on taking mine in for inspection and will let you know what it turns out to be. Thanks to all before me, that posted possible causes, so us new members have somewhere to start.
  6. Are there any cabin air filters in a 95 SC400? I have seen them for sale on Ebay, but I have also noticed that they are not listed with other vendors. I am about to rip my glove box / dash area apart to look and thought I would take the time to ask first. If so, where would they be located? I have an odd smell that is coming through the vents regardless of what setting the air or heat is on. I hope it is just these filters. I don't even drive it for this reason. It is that bad! Thanks.
  7. Depends if your Solara is in good conditon. I wouldn't trade a perfectly good car for an older car that you know you are going to have to work on right from the start. The SC 400's aren't all that. I own one. I have wanted one for years and finally got one. Luckily, I got an excellent deal. So I don't have much in mine. I was blinded by wanting the car more than anything. Now that I own it, I am wondering was it really worth it. Due to the age of them, they are going to have problems. You get what you pay for. I have never had good luck with a Toyota product anyhow. Everyone I have owned has been plagued with problems. My opinion, it sounds like you have the nicer car. I am new to this forum as well. Good luck with your searching for your dream car.
  8. I have had dreams of my dash looking that good! I have been through you know what trying to put a radio in my car. I have pulled it out three times, only to give up out of frustration. I have been proficient in car stereo installation for over 20 years, but this NAKAMICHI system is something that I cannot master. I have purchased wiring kits that do not work. I have also thought about cutting the factory harnesses and start from scratch. I also have tried numerous times to log on to the link mentioned in your post, no luck. Where can I find a color code or wiring diagram that tells what each wire is so I can wire this up myself? Also, can an aftermarket radio be wired to utilize the factory amp? Does the Nakamichi amp power the sub as well? I have so many questions I don't know where to start. Thanks for any help.
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