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  1. Hey guys, so i know there was some talk about the radio/cd player in a different post, but my problem is a bit different. While i'm driving with the radio on, out of the blue the cd player will pop out a disk... it happens randomly. I have just ignored it until yesterday, when it did it and then the radio started spazing out and turned itself on and off 5 or 6 times. anyone else have this happen? the other complaint i have about my IS is the driver seat seems to squeak on turns and bumps... is this something i can take in to have fixed? thanks for your help.
  2. tdog

    how sad.

    the curb jumped out at me.
  3. This just started happening to me, well... little different. I'll be driving and it will just read EJECT and eject out a cd. Kinda odd because when it happens I have been on the radio. I dont know. kind of annoying.
  4. yea... i did it too mine were squeaking bad, took it down and they did it for free.
  5. So I don't know if you have the same problem, but... where I live the curb's seem to jump right out at you. Has anyone replaced this piece before? If so, mind sharing the price? :)
  6. When I had mine done I felt all special because they filled my tank up, but then someone told me the drained and refilled it. I guess I'm not that important :/ haha
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