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  1. i'm telling you if you are on Long Island you have to go to Rallye. They are the only ones who do the right thing. Not cheap but stand up. They will work with you...
  2. If you need a honest service department on Long Island try Rallye Lexus. I had issues at Massepequa and Rockville Center. See Pam or Andy there. They are so cool and yes they arent cheap, but they do the right thing and help you out.
  3. i have been using Rallye Lexus in Nassau county. They have been the best. I have horrible experiences with Manhattan and Massepequa. I know that they are in the paper all the time too with all the awards they have won for customer service from Lexus. They are also the only Lexus Performance center in the area. I would check them out if I were looking again and avoid some greif
  4. FYI a friend was on another site and found that the Lexus dealer in Glen Cove(Rallye) is having a Lexus Import Tuner meet on May 18th and they will be displaying IS-F's and they say a IS350 with the whole catalog of F-Sport equiptment--I thought this was totally cool that a Dealer would even get into this. From what he said alot of the NELOC guys are already setting up to be their. They said a tech named Billy is the guy with all the info about the event. I think I am going to check it out
  5. A friend told me that a Lexus dealer is sponsering a IS tuner car meet. I heard they are going to show off some ISF's. I am trying to find out the who what when where. Anyone heard???
  6. Hey Newuser, no response. In my world to be silent is to concur.
  7. Call your local dealer, you will probably have to go down to order the keys with you lisc and registration(so you can prove you own the car) They will get the keys in a day or two.
  8. You said they were fast and professional, they completed everything correctly, fixed your problem, had two people work on it so you would get out quick. So since they did the right thing, fixed your car right and wre fast, they cheated you. Would you have felt better if they made you sit and wait four hours. You get what you pay for. Next time go to a local, drop your car off for two days, let them figure it out, order parts(maybe not from Lexus), hope they fixed the car, pay the same price, but feel better because you feel they did the right thing. Wake up you pay for convinence and knowledg
  9. Check on your states lemon law. Please note Lexus has it's own abitration and you can call them and ask to the information package. Make sure you have a copy of each Work order from each visit. If they did not give you one ask for a copy. If they still do not produce a copy document the visit and the particulars. Arbitrators hate when dealers dont give copies. It makes it look like they are hiding something. Also not you can still go lemon law even though it is not a factory defect. The lemon law goes back against the dealer, the manufacture will indemnify the dealer if it is a factory issue.
  10. You should try Rallye. I know they do order by credit card, I have ordered this way before and might be closer to you.
  11. Do you know if the car has ever been hit in the rear. My friend had the issue with a body seam in the rear crack after a light hit in the rear bumper. He also went thru multiple visits to the dealer before they found it and althought it was not a warranty repair they helped him out with it
  12. I use Rallye here in NY. I am looking at a new GS and found out that they give you the 10k free when you buy the car with them.
  13. I am thinking about a new GS 300. Was wondering about remote start. I have it on my old car and love it. I think there may be an issue with it not actually having an ignition. Anyone else run across this or know some one who does it?/
  14. [ Actually I beleive there is a lawsuit pending in the U.S. on behalf of the independent repair shops be able to access the same info (DVD ROMs & online factory repair manuals) as the dealers & I think they will win. B) ← actually there was a class action suit but most new car manufactures do allow access to their info. With Lexus you can purchase a "key". It costs around a $1000 a year for the key. I know because I investigated getting one for myself. I think most repair shops wont spend the money. I also think that Lexus has the right to charge for the info. They spe
  15. Hey , I am on the east coast so I can't help you with a dealer name. But I know the routine for getting a radio fixed. It is a warranty issue and will not cost you anything. They will have to order an exchange unit for you. If you have any relationship with the dealer they will order it ahead of time so it is a one trip affair. Some dealers will make you come in and just to order the unit. Sometimes a phone call to the service manager can save you the second trip
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