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  1. my brake light comes on and off all the time and my e-brek isnt on....has anyone ever had this problem?
  2. yeah i was shocked when they told me $600...but i fixed it yesterday and it came out to a total of about $300 it wasn't that hard to do, it was just hard to get to the back plugs.
  3. thanks for the advice! to be honest i cant even find the back three spark plugs.....do you know where they are located?
  4. Its only the 5th ignition coil that's bad so that's the only one they would be changing, if it was all 6 then i would definitely have it done for $600. Did you do it yourself when you did yours?
  5. I own a 2000 es 300, recently my car has been shaking rapidly whenever i am idling or come to a complete stop, also it make a puttering noise when i accelerate. I took my car to the local Lexus Dealership and they did a diagnostic test on it, and said that my 5th spark plug is bad and the ignition coil is too. They wanted to charge me $600!! to fix it. I figured I would do it myself, i found the front three spark plugs, but i cant find the back three. Also, im not 100% sure how to change the ignition coil. If anyone has unfortunately ran into this problem and knows how to fix it, please help me. Thanks a lot!, Chris
  6. i tried the fuses and all that with my brother and they kept on blowing up...we think that its the amp but we are not really sure...thanks for the comment!
  7. my radio wont work please help me if you have ever had this problem. thanks!
  8. my es 300 is an 01 model and it runs great!..there is just one problem my radio wont work and i cant stand one more ride with out music ...my brother and i put in two 10 inch pioneer speakers (which are only wired up to the battery and has its own amp) and they were working fine until today when the radio stopped working...we think it is the stock amp please help if you have ever ran into this problem.
  9. could you put a picture of your es with the tints, because that's exactly the same i want on mine....thanks!
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