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  1. Well, that definitely gets me headed in the right direction. I'll probably go with the Daizen kit, but not sure if I need all of the sleeves with it, seems like a good bit more. Any suggestions on which 3 of the options for the lower front? I'm taking a chance that the ball joints are OK, mechanic said bushings and I don't really know what to look for as far as deterioration. Good thing with this kit is I'll be replacing all of the arm bushings/upper and lower at the same time. That's probably what it needs anyway. Does it cost much to have these pressed out or in? Seems like I could find something to do it. Thanks for the help.
  2. I just decided to join this club today for another front end issue that I am having with my 93 lexus sc400 and I live in Bartlett, TN. How odd, I really hope you don't sell this as is because I may be interested in some things on it. I need tires and yours look much better than what I've got. Also, does the CD changer work in the trunk? Have you broken your antenna mast as most people with this car seem to have done? What part of Memphis do you live? I'd like to see it. I'm in north Bartlett.
  3. I have a 93 model sc400 with about 180k miles. I just had it taken into the shop for a bad ignition coil which was fairly inexpensive to have replaced, however, they noticed while backing it out of the garage, that the front left wheel moved a bit while braking in reverse. Turns out the lower control arm bushings are on their last leg on both front sides. There are no aftermarket arms available yet and I was told that the bushings are not replaceable. I checked with the local Lexus dealer in parts and they said the option for bushings is not available (meaning Lexus wants you to buy the whole lower control arm which costs over 800 per side for the parts). My stellar instinct tells me something fishy is happening here. It would seem that they don't offer just the bushings because for their "certified used cars" you would want the whole arm to be new. This would give you a new ball joint too. I have a feeling my ball joints will be OK for some time, but I know these bushings are about to go. I have found bushings for this model on the web for between $100 and $150. All have a disclaimer that says: "1 Kit per Arm This kit includes 2 polyurethane bushings to service one control arm. This kit will only work on the early version control arms 48068-29165 RH or 48069-29165 LH.." I'm sort of a figure it out as I go mechanic meaning I'm not a mechanic at all and pretty broke so I figure it's always worth a shot tearing it down. I've looked at this job and it seems doable if I can get a machine shop to press out the old ones. I just hate to spend a ton of money when I could have just replaced these stupid bushings. Does anyone know if this is possible? My mechanic tells me it's not an option, but I think it's only because Lexus doesn't offer the bushings only. Any thoughts would be tremendously helpful.