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  1. I had the same problem when I tride to replace my filter. A couple days later I had it in the shop because I had a dash light come on. I asked them to put the filter on for me. The worst possible thing happened. They got the inlet side nut stuck where it wouldn't come off or go back on. Since I didn't want to replace all the fuel lines they had to cut out and splice in a new filter. They ended up using a Nissan filter. This is probably not the norm but it is what happened to me. Brad
  2. Thanks for the replies, I hope we can agree on a price. I'll have to check the door jam for the color code. Thanks, Brad
  3. Hi, The car I am looking at buying is dark blue, the owner called it Aztec blue. I am wondering if this is a factory color since I have never seen it before? Plus it has gray leather interior. Also, the stock wheels have been chromed and I was wondering what that might do to the value of the car? Thanks for your help, Brad
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