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  1. Thats exactly how I did mine but my instructions that came with the antenna weren't as "official." I wish these antennas weren't so huge... I am looking into possible alternatives and will reply back if I find anything nice
  2. I am new to the forum but was going to start a thread telling everyone that it IS possible to use the flip key with the SC430! I can't gaurantee all but I know that I did indeed get one off of Ebay, got it cut at the dealer, and swaped the brain from my other regular key so that it now works!
  3. yngnbluesc430

    Meet Natasha

    2004 SC430
  4. that DIY site is AMAZING! It looks exaclty like the system they use at the dealership to pull up the parts and inventory! Thanks! http://www.toyodiy.com/parts/
  5. I put a K&N Lifetime Air Filter in my '04 SC430 a few months ago and then reset the MPG on the display immediately. 3 months later it is telling me I get 19.1 MPG with the new filter which is .7 MPG more than what I was getting before I upgraded the filter. I have been doing the same driving (highway/city ratio) this whole time so if anything it's getting better gas mileage! I too also feel like it gives quicker throttle response but hey that cant really be measured...
  6. Did you sell these? I was curious what they looked like and where you were located... Thanks fellow SC cruiser!
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