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  1. Another simple search provides this thread: It's an aftermarket radar detector that has been installed on your car. Thank you, I will be trying to figure out how to disconnect it, very annoying.
  2. In addition to what the others have said, you have to have patience. This is a long weekend for some so it could take a few days before someone posts with a a useful answer. However, 1990LS400 replied with a great link. After you've been around for a while you'll realize that the answer for what you're looking for is in another thread, no need to reinvent the wheel as it were. It takes work to 1) find the thread with the answer, 2) copy the link, and 3) include it in their reply to you. So a link to another thread is anything but being "too busy". Wow, you've only been here a week and are already *BLEEP*ing people off, not a good start my friend. Blue smoke, could be power steering fluid being drawn into your manifold from the vacuum hose from under your power steering pump. My 90 did this and replacing the Air Control Valve got rid of the smoke. Check your PS fluid level, if it's going down, that could be your cause. I'm too busy so.... ;) That was my guess most recently, power steering, thanks, right to the point!
  3. So to sum it up or cut to the chase, I bought a 94 LS400 that is; after the fan bracket replacement, oil & transmission drain, computer reset with 221,000 on it is acting this way- 1. Blue/black smoke in the morning, plenty of power after a miss than seemed like higher octane solved that with Lucas fuel treatment. 2. Beeping & chirping dash sound with these two lights that say front & rear radar, no other symptoms, just curious. 3. Using power steering fluid, saw somewhere here that might be a vacuum line gone bad with the power steering, makes sense. Anyone with a Triage on this car?
  4. Are you saying that you aren't willing to follow a link to another thread that answers one of your questions? I don't think I will be responding to any of your questions in the future. What I am looking for is someone else currently with the same issue that has a resolution, I have searched forums, giving me a link is like saying, I don't know, but try this I'm busy.
  5. I am not looking for a "dispatch" to another link, but perhaps someone to work through the issue I am having in a direct Q & A, car has 200K.
  6. Why don't people reply on the hard questions?
  7. Two issues one that baffles, one the (smoking) I think I know or have an opinion, valve seats/guides, needs a valve job. 1. Why does it smoke when first starting in the morning and then fine all day< blue/black smoke and it had trouble passing smog, the NOX was high and just replaced EGR valve beforehand. 2. I have two lights both square one on the left in red, one on the right in yellow and both come on and off saying front radar, and rear radar, I can't find this anywhere.
  8. I understand putting a K&N on my 94 Lexus could damage/affect my mass flow center which is very expensive to replace? Why if true?
  9. I have a 1994 and I just went out to verify it. It says front radar and rear radar, the rear radar is a square yellow light on the right, the other front radar is a square red light on the left, honestly, nobody knows what these mean?
  10. I have an LS400, will change the profile so the link was good, but what I'm seeing isn't there!
  11. ANY clue to what I am seeing? front radar, rear radar>
  12. I have two lights that come on that are faint and I can't read them. One is to the left of the oil light and a red square. I would swear it says front radar. The other one is on the right side same shape, but a yellow square and looks like it says rear radar, please help, it's frustrating. This accompanied by a chirping sound.
  13. Want to redo the cracked leather inserts, is it a leather shop or auto dealer kind of job? Any experience out there, I live in Orange County, California.
  14. Guess I will have to reply and answer my own question, thought maybe someone had an idea, I finally had the computer reset and it needed an EGR valve to $475 will suppose to fix the car, we'll see Friday., small Toyota shop instead of the Lexus dealer is much cheaper.