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  1. My GS300 2006 model was built in 2005. I replaced the first original TPMS sensor in February 2017. So it lasted good 12 years! Made by Pacific in Japan. I purchased the replacement (2 pieces) from ShopTPMS of Yorba Linda, CA in May 2016. They advertise OEM Pacific sensors. The replacement looks the same as the original. First was installed in February 2017 into winter set of tires. In April 2017 the winter set was placed into storage. April 2018 I found the new sensor dead or now signal. Also the spare one has no signal and it was never used. Anybody has similar experience or explanation? March 2018 I purchased 2 more new OEM sensors from the same source. One was installed into summer set of wheels. 4 days later it is dead or now signal. Is it possible that this company sold me some counterfeit sensors or there is some other explanation?
  2. For how many years do you have them installed? More then 11 years?
  3. GS300 2006, made in 5/2005. I wonder what other users experienced with TPMS sensors service life. My original TPMS sensors are still good after 11 years of service. My car has low mileage, about 38 000 miles. However I purchased 3 years ago new TPMS sensors for my summer set of tires. They were made by Orange-Electronics, part No. OEC-2. One of them went out in less then 3 years and 9000 miles. Orange Electronics states on their website expected lifetime 5 to 7 years. I will appreciate sharing your experience.
  4. I am trying to find the torque specified (ft-lbf, Nm) to Re-torque drive shaft flange bolts for 2006 GS300. This is supposed to be checked every 5000 miles. Thanks for helping.
  5. ES 330 2006, 37000 miles. Anyone has experience driving 3500 miles with automatic transmission almost empty and engine overfilled with 4 liters of oil? I changed the engine oil and refilled the transmission with Toyota ATF when I learned about the problem. I put 4 Quarts of ATF to refill the transmission. The car is still running and I do not experience any problems but wonder what damage the engine and transmission could have suffered. This happened when I was for long time out of town, my daughter needed the car and my bellowed son (34) provided the service. He used oil extractor and obviously by mistake removed the ATF and put extra 4 liters of Valvoline oil into the engine. Checking the oil level after the change did not consider necessary. My daughter drove around 3500 miles not knowing. I found out when I returned home.
  6. This may be helpful answer:
  7. I have GS300 2006 and Samsung SGH-t369. The cell worked properly until recently; even thou Lexus does not list it as compatible. About one month ago I experienced problems described by bridlewood above and the bars indicating the connection between car and cell do not show. All other functions seem to work. I can answer the call buy the soft navigation screen button and speak normally by the car equipment. I tested my daughters Samsung cell phone (not sure what the model is) and also the cell rang not the car audio; however the bars indicating the connection between car and cell did show. Any ideas to share?
  8. Anyone can describe in detail how to remove the Glove compartment from GS 300 model 2006? Thanks.
  9. No, there is not a manual eject. The problem now is to remove the glove compartment. The navigation drive unit is above it. I tried and could make it loose on the right side but on the left side it is holding and the fasteners or latches are hidden and I can't get to it.
  10. Lexus GS 300, model year 2006 has Mark Levinson navigation system. Audio DVD was inserted by mistake into the navigation slot. The MENU button does not function; According to dealer the Eject function is written into the Navigation disc. As a result I can't get the Map DVD screen to access the DVD eject switch. How can I eject the audio DVD from the navigation slot? Dealer says navigation DVD player must be removed and sent to Denso for removal. Does anyone now a better way? Also detailed procedure how to remove the navigation player (located in the glove compartment) will be appreciated. Thanks :)
  11. My Lexus GS300 2006 has only 13500 miles. I was backing up into my garage when the Power Steering stopped working. There was no any unusual noise or anything unusual, no oil under the car. Just steering is hard without power. Any idea what should I check before going to a shop? I shipped the car to Europe and no warranty can be claimed here.
  12. Look at the "sticky" post at the top of the forum that says DVD Bypass is finally here. It shows pictures of how to remove the head unit and make the modification for that topic, but the pictures also show all of the connectors too. I did both the bypass and installed the Vais adapter, and everything was as described. The pictures in the bypass post really help. If you have an '06, I can't imagine your's being different?? Good luck! thanks for the it to work...did you have any trouble ith the ipod skipping(screen)... or with the controls on the screen? I am quite new to this forum and I am frustrated. Can you please tell me how to find the "sticky" post at the top of the forum that says DVD Bypass is finally here? I tried the SEARCH with no luck. "Help" is talking about Advanced Search but I do not see how to get the advanced search option. This website is cumbersome. Difficult to get around.