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  1. Here's a tip. Be careful when you replace your cabin air filter. If the fresh air door is closed, do not try to open it by hand. You would be surprised how easy it is to break it. Push the fresh air/recirculate button to open it.
  2. Could be valve cover or camshaft seal leak if it's engine oil. It's hard for anyone to diagnose a leak without seeing the vehicle.
  3. Lexus rotors usually have the minimum thickness stamped somewhere on them. The IS should have it stamped on the back side.
  4. This thread is about an 08 gs350. Just thought I would point that out.
  5. I wouldn't say that the rotors are soft. I would say that the pads are more aggressive causing the rotors to wear faster. Look, another opportunity to use the word "sporty." Resurfacing the rotors when there is no problem will only decrease the life of the rotors. The front brake combo appears to be designed for one time use. At least Lexus isn't doing what Mercedes and BMW are doing yet. You won't find a brake lathe at a Mercedes, or BMW dealership.
  6. You will need 6.5 quarts of oil, a 10 mm socket & ratchet to access the oil filter, an oil filter (i would only get one from Lexus because most of the cars I see that come from Jiffy Lube, or 5 Minute Oil Change have leaking filters), a drain plug gasket, 14 mm wrench for drain plug and a PROPER canister oil filter removal socket. If you are going to be doing your own oil changes on this vehicle, I would get the correct oil filter socket so that you do not round the edges of the canister filter cap. Remember, only tighten the canister filter hand tight and make sure you replace & lub
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