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  1. We have three grades of gasoline where I live, 87 , 89 and 91 . I certainly notice a gas mileage difference between the 87 and 91.
  2. Rick, Your first statement is dead on & well said. There are a few good choices for winter rubber to fit the ES.....I would go with either your current factory size or a size lower......215 60 16. I have an excellent tire place I deal with out of province that shame any local tire shop as far as prices are concerned & a choice of being delivered to your front door or tire shop of your choice. For my ES, I went with a set of Toyo Garit KX in an 'H' speed rating on a set of 2008 ES alloys & they are exceptional (my all seasons are the Goodyear Triple Tred's on 2008 IS 250 AWD 17's - 10 spoke). Some more info on the winter Toyo here... http://www.toyocanada.com/products/GaritKX.asp Here is another helpful link for winter tire ratings... http://www.apa.ca/template.asp?DocID=298 If you are interested in saving some $$$ for either your winter set or all season set, send me a PM & I can give you the details for my contact. If you want to upgrade your all seasons to something larger.....size wise I would suggest going with a 225 45 18 to keep the speedo in check. Did you want to go with aftermarket wheels or OE 18's? Hope this helps.
  3. I have a 2009 ES350. I live in Saskatchewan, Canada, so I need to get some winter tires for my car this fall, as the 'all season' tires are only three season here no matter which brand. I was thinking of putting winter tires on the factory wheels and getting a new set of wheels and tires for the summer. I do think the factory car is a little 'under tired' and could use some bigger wheels and tires. I want to go upscale on the wheels and go as big as I can without speedometer issues. What suggestions do people have for new wheels and tires, send some pictures if you have them.
  4. We pick up our 09 350 tommorrow I am 52 and my wife 50
  5. After I made the deal I hade the dealer throw in cargo net, all-weather mats and a rear spoiler. I am having second thoughts on the spoiler. What do you guys think? I was thinking it was fairly small like a lip but the brochure pictures show a larger one that even appears to be raised with gap between the trunk and spoiler? Does anyone have a real picture? Thanks
  6. I don't get my Lexus for 2 weeks, hte indicated premium fuel is recommended Our regual is 87 ,Mid-grade - 89 , Premium - 91 My Audi can use mid grade what does the Lexus manual say for fuel, and what would you guys recommend? Thanks for the knowlegable responses to my other posts
  7. I am in Canada and I wondered where my car is manufactured? Will the VIN tell me?
  8. Thanks everyone, good advice on the Lexus Personal Settings. I actually don't ge the car for a week as the dealership did not have a white premium etc.. I had tried the Infiniti G37X and Acura TL SH-AWD but they were high on the performance and lower on the quiet ride I wanted.
  9. I just bought a 2009 ES350, can anybody tell me things I should watch for, what problems I might have in the first few months. Also can I reprogram using a CAN to unlock all the doors with a single push. I did that on my Audi.