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  1. Good Morning, I take my car to a Lexus mechanic because I am always afraid that the Quick Oil change places don't know what they are doing. I went and had my 175,000 mile oil change yesterday and the mechanic came in and told me that the oil pan was stripped!! He told me that Lexus is know to have a problem with this and is caused by having to oil changed so often. (every 5,000 miles) He could not install a new plug or an oversized one so he said that he could get me a new pan. He just called and told me that the cost would be $500.00. I told him that was the reason I went to Lexus mechanics because I trusted his work. He said that he would work with me and try and give me the best deal possible. I need to know if anyone else has had this problem and is this an actuall problem with Lexus. I also do not feel that this is in anyway my fault and I should not have to pay anything. He told me that since he has only changed the oil the last three time ( I just moved to the area last year) that someone else could have overtightned it and it was just waiting to let go. Any response will be greately appreciated. Thanks, Golfman8
  2. Anybody here tell me how to remove and replace the electric antenna for the radio? Mine just clicks and will not retract. Also, where is the best place to buy one and what are the chances that the motor is bad? Thanks,
  3. My Airbag warning light starting blinking while driving. Took it to the dealer and they found Code B 0138. Said that it was the Drivers Side Seatbelt Pretensioner. Had it replaced for $465.00. Worked for about 500 miles then started blinking again. Took it back to the dealer and they said that I needed the part anyway and they would have to dig deeper to find the next problem. My question is, will the airbags stlll deploy if needed if the light is blinking? I know that they will not if the light is on solid. I don't know how far and expensive this could get but if I still have airbags that will work, that is my concern. Thanks :)