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  1. Done.... :D Thanks steviej and skperformance.
  2. Does anyone know if I can still pass the emissions check if I replace either the header or the race pipe to an aftermarket one? Thanks....
  3. How long have you been using it? Any problems? How do you like it?
  4. Is this what you really want to ask? Or it has some meaning to it? Or you are just trying to boost up my post counts? B)
  5. 2005 IS300 will remain the same, maybe some new features.... 2006 IS300 will be redesigned, should be out in late 2005.
  6. I own an IS300. My friend brought me a front grill for my birthday gift, but he brought the wrong one. Anyway, here is a BRAND NEW GS partially chrome sport grille without the "L" emblem at the center. It will fit on any 1998-2005 GS300, GS400 & GS430. $160 USD shipped anywhere in Canada $170 USD shipped anywhere in the US I accept PayPal, money order or cash at your own risk. I am PayPal verified. Here is an actual pic of the grill, sorry for the size and the quality. Kelvin
  7. Hi, I am a very reputable buyer and seller. You can check out my history in Again, my username there is the same (wowcrazy). I also have an ebay account with over 60 positive feedbacks. My username there is uhttp_com. I am PayPal verified. I am not here trying to do any craps, I just want to sell a GS part, that's why I couldn't post it in The reason why I got a GS part while I own an IS300, please see the next thread below. The next thread is the message I want to post in the Buy & Sell Forum. Thanks for your help! Kelvin
  8. I am new to here, I am an active member in My username is the same here and there. Why can't I post in the buy & sell forum??? Thanks...