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  1. I will take a pic and post it by tomorrow. Thanks again for the help.
  2. Hey guys, I have an issue. I just got a 2002 GS300 and it came with 20 inch rims on it already. The problem is that the left wheel is rubbing on the plastic guard when I make a right turn. I looked at it to see if there was something I could do. I was thinking about removing it but when looking behind the left guard theres something there. Its like a white box for something. I'm not sure what it is. So if I remove it will exposed. I dont want to or have the money to put smaller tires plus the ones on there were almost new. What would you guys suggest i do? Thanks in advance
  3. welcome...hmmm...thats a odd one...mine came from the nav ecu frying out. which disc are you using? i might have a spare i can send you... Dcfish.... need some info im interested. how much for a package price for both the gen 4 unit and the 2008 gx470 glove 6 cd/dvd player or how much for the dvd player seperate as i will doing the nav first for sure? i assume would be plug and play into that gen 4 unit i will be getting from you also? will it ALSO fit in my 2001 in oem place in glovebox?? would dvd's play from the touch screen (by touching it to play) or would it require a remote? I have to check which one and I'll get back to you. Thanks. how much would you want for the disk?
  4. Yes, It can play movie dvds with a factory 2008 gx470 glovebox 6 cd dvd player. It is same size as the 2002 cd player fits in same place in the glovebox as the factory 2002 6 cd player. I have one with the wiring harness. Here is a pic of the nav playing a movie. Thats nice. How much?
  5. no, the factory units will not play dvds. not until 2006 i think? least not without a aftermarket dvd player.... so your having nav problems? nething like mine.... http://www.clublexus.com/forums/gs-second-...-direction.html are you getting this error....like in my pic? Thanks for the reply. My screen is giving me "unable to read data check if map dvd is correct." When I remove the disk it shows that the disk is out and when I put back in it acts like its trying to read it but that error comes back. I used a cd cleaner to see if that would fix it. I havent tried unpluging the battery yet though. The disk has alittle scratches. Is the disk that sensitive?
  6. Hi everyone, I just got a 2002 gs300 and loving it. I'll post pics when I fix the camera on my iPhone. You guys have been so helpful in picking and knowing what to look for. My problem is that I have mark levinson navigation system and when I put the map disk it gives me the unable to read error. I've read all things to do to fix that so I'll do that another time. But mainly the thing is on reading about this model it's says it plays DVD on the screen. My question is can it really play DVD movies.
  7. Hi everyone, This is my first post but Ive been reading on this forum for atleast 6 months and you guys have helped me so much in getting my Lexus and knowing what to look for. I just got a 2002 GS300 dark navy 114000 fully loaded with navigation, 20 inch rims etc... I'm in love with this car. I was going to post pics but my iphone camera broke the day I got the car. Now for the question, I have the Mark Levinson system in there and the back sub is blown. All I want to do is disconnect it from the amp. I know where the amp is but I dont want to do anything wrong. Can someone please tell me which cord I guess to disconnect. I dont want to have to remove the back seats and all that. Thanks in advance...
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