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  1. Hi, I need both sides airbags for my 97 Lexus SC300. What exactly do I need to buy? For the driver's side i need clock spring and how about passenger side? Is there a computer module for it? Also, is there anyone out there knows where to get a deal for the airbags? If anyone is selling the airbags for 97 SC, please feel free to contact me. My email is timl7711@yahoo.com. Thanks,
  2. 92-96 Lexus SC Air Bag Passenger side, great condition!! Asking for $150, great deal! A sale for a 92-96 Lexus SC 300 Passenger side complete airbag. It has a wood trim at the lower part of the cover. It is very clean and no scratch as you can see from the pictures. For more detail, please email to druhill1111@hotmail.com or call 650-773-9654.
  3. Hi, I am trying to buy an overflow tank for my 96 SC300. However, i saw those two for sale and can't tell which one is the correct overflow tank i should purchase. Any expert out there can give me some suggestion? Thank you!! I think the one in the second picture, with more square shape, should be the right one. However, I am really not sure! Please help me out!
  4. Hi, I wonder if the 97 SC 300 both side air bags and module is the same for any other years (92 to 98). If anyone know, could you please let me know if they are the same. Or how can i check if they are interchangable? thanks
  5. Hi, I have a 97 SC300 and try to inquire the following parts: Intake box Expansion tank (overflow tank for radiator) Windshield fluid reservoir Driver’s side upper door panel Master window switch Both sides airbags Side skirt (rocker panels) Front underbody panel Front wheel well cover Front bumper foam Engine cover If any of you have parts for sale, please contact me via email, druhill1111@hotmail.com. I am located in san francisco, that would be even better if anyone who lives around San Francisco can offer the parts. Thank you, Tim
  6. I have a 97 Lexus SC300 and it has been sitting there for like 3 years. I tried to start the car, but no matter what i did, the electricity never went into the car. I hooked battery charger and jumper box to the terminals. The car did not take any electricity. None of the lights in the interior and on the dash led up. The car did not crank. The car was involved a front end accident and never started ever since. Would there any safe tricker which cuts off the electricity going into the car? Can any expert out there give me some advice about how i can trouble shoot or what i should do? Thanks!
  7. Thank you. However, is this for 1997 SC300? Or is it universal for all years with this body style? Thank you again and thank RayWills! tl7711
  8. Hello everyone, Is there anyone who has full factory service manual for sale? I have some problem with my SC 300 and hopefully to solve it by going thru the manual. So please let me know if you have one for sale. Thank you!
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