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  1. 04 GX470, Mark Levinson radio with Vais adapter for XM radio and iPod adapter attatched. Recently, after more than a hour of normal operation, the volume control stops working including the steering wheel buttons and the Vais connection stops as well. Seems to correct itself either by restarting the engine or tuning off the radio for a while. A local radio shop cant help since I haven't been able to demonstrate the problem . Anyone else having a similar experience?
  2. Has anyone experienced or know what could cause the tachometer to read both too high and too low sporadically? Mine does, sometimes reading 2500 rpm at 70mph and other times 1700 at the same speed. When it reads on the lower side it will show zero at idle. I also get speedometer errors usually involving it not returning to zero when stopped (bottoms at 5mph), seems to be accurate otherwise. Both function normally at start up and for the first 30 minutes or more, then the problem starts. I can't tell if this is a sensor problem or an electrical / voltage problem. Any thoughts? Thank you in
  3. 2004 w/ 118k miles, recently had the timing belt replaced (water pump, radiator, spark plugs) now the tach will sit at a base line showing 800 rpm when engine is off. Once running,the rpm will consistently reflect the extra 800 rpm. This is intermittent so I can't determine any other coincidental findings (electrical load etc). Any ideas? When the tach baseline is 0 it works correctly but can revert to the error while driving.
  4. I've felt a similar thing. It feels like the transmission is either locking or unlocking the torque converter while idling at a stop light. Since the normal maintenance doesn't call for fluid replacement I wasn't sure what to do. My local independent shop recommended flushing the fluid. I had it done and the shifting and operation seem much smoother. I have 117,000 miles so this may have helped a while ago. Take home message, even though 2004 model didn't call for trams flush, it helps and hopefully will prolong trans life.
  5. That's accurate, my total included new spark plugs (iridium)
  6. My 2004 was overdue for the timing belt having 110,000 miles. These are interference engines so if it breaks - big dollars to fix. Took it to an indepentent shop, turns out my radiator was leaking slowly also. They installed an aftermarket radiator and changed the timing belt, water pump, serpentine belt and thermostat. The total was $1300 in Southern California
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