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  1. Previously owned 2 Lexus 460 with this feature without difficulties. Believe a reboot of computer may solve this. Follow the recommendations. Avery nice feature & Lexus should extend it to 460 & other models. Good luck.
  2. Believe you would be much better off financially & way ahead technically by just using GPS on Google Maps app on phone or eevenApple maps. Prhaps in a gew years car manufacturers will just use Google as do the phones. Good luck & save $$$$'s
  3. Yes, a update would be nice as many changes over the years. Unfortunately the only update I know is a new CD which costs +/- $500 from a dealer. The other solution is to use your smartphone Google Maps or other such app. I cannot believe that auto manufacturers do not change to real time navigation such as Google maps. Navigations system is outdated on purchase of car by up to a year.
  4. Bill: Stop rubbing stomach. The below procedure, I have used frequently, slightly different than what you posted has never filed me. Try it & pray. Good luck. This procedure should be used to reset the light when maintenance has been performed: 1) Turn ignition switch to the ON position. 2) Set the Odometer/Trip Display to the ODO mode 3) Turn the ignition switch to the OFF position. 4) Depress and HOLD the Trip Meter RESET button while turning the ignition switch to the ON position. 5) The Service Maintenance Reminder Light will: a. Illuminate solidly for 3 seconds; b.
  5. When changing oil did you reset the oil maintenance reminder on dashboard? If not, reset this reminder.
  6. I had a 2007 LS 460, now replaced with a 2014, when tires changed used Michelin & mileage exceeded 43k. No, I did not have sport package. I cannot say anything but good on quality of Michelin tires. Recall that manufacturers usually mount the tires on new cars from the manufacturer that gives them the lowest bid at that time. Good luck John Margo
  7. ​My 2007 LS had 76k when exchanged & brake pads never changed. Tires accumulated >40k but that depends on brand, quality & specs plus proper maintenance.
  8. Many thanks. On the 2007 LS 460, after your reply received, I learned that the mechanical key used to pry off the cover & then the controls for unlocking the door can be activated. Thanks for the lead. John Margo
  9. How do I enter, unlock door on LS 460 2007 with dead battery? Thank you John Margo
  10. I received these instructions over a year ago. Make sure trip odometer is on Trip A With the car turned off press & hold the RESET button for trip odo Foot off the brake, press the start button twice while holding the reset button & wait for it to reset. These instructions given for a 2007 LS 460 but believe them to be valid for newer models. Hope it works John Margo
  11. Jeff: Please send additional info on door sensor switch. The alert wen leaving car & ignition running does operate but the lights at time do not turn off promptly & must turn off manually. Can this sensor switch be replaced by the likes of myself? Have turned off automatic headlight feature & now just the running lights turn on & off with ignition. Thanks for your assistance. Venny
  12. Jeff - your reply on target. Just returned from dealer who said probably battery had low charge. Solution was to just reset computer but no charge given to battery. To me this conflicts. My analysis says old battery low charge caused computer problem & installation of new battery did not reset computer. Statement by dealer that LS 460 very sensitive to battery changes probably the problem. Fortunately no charge to reset computer and memory did not need to be restored as all settings saved. Thanks for your response. Just one other item this battery the 4th to be installed in car including
  13. Thanks. Possibly I did not make my case clear. A new battery installed by AAA technician at my house. All functions of car operate normally except for dashboard warning lights. Battery installation only 2 cables & surely AAA tech ability sufficient for this. Could a computer reset be required? Now scheduled appointment with Lexus dealer which will be costly for sure. All of this caused by a simple battery change out. Thanks again.
  14. Battery changed by AAA in home garage due to failure. Could not jump start. After change all warning lights stay lit on dash with message "take to dealer". Surely this can be corrected without visit to dealer. Car functions perfectly with the exception of "brake hold" which will not activate. Appreciate help plus advice. Thanks John Margo
  15. Yes, I did as suggested. dealer said their data bank contained a software update for problems such as this. Software update done on Sept 01. Now must wait & observe if symptons return. Thanks John Margo
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