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  1. fm, the headlights are 6500k and the fog lights are 5000k MAC
  2. golf, I used smoked vinyl. I see you also on CL. SHow pics when you get ur 24s installed. MAC
  3. Just thought I'd come back and see how LOC is doing. Oh I also put some new things on the LX. Check it out. MAC
  4. I FINALLY figured out how to get to the courtesy light bulbs on the underside of the side view mirrors. Here are a couple of pics. MAC
  5. dens, what do you mean? I smoked the bumper reflector.
  6. All, I posted the info on another forum and several people WITH NAV tried the override. The override initially worked and then, for some reason, the system malfunctioned. They reverted the wiring back to the way it was and everything was fine. There is a company that makes a module for the override, though. PM me if you want that info because I don't think I can just post the info here unless it is an approved vendor of LOC. If you still want me to post the instructions that worked for me (WITHOUT NAV) I'll do so. Let me know. MAC
  7. ...the tail lights that is. I started with the reflectors on the rear bumper. I'll get to the taillights this weekend. Here is a terrible pic of the work so far.
  8. Dens, The kit I put in the LX fog lights is the kit that I used on the headlights of the GX. If I remember correct, the kit in the LX headlights is 6500k and the fog lights are 5000k. Nic, save up its worth it. With the way sales are going you might be able to get one at a great price. Negotiate hard! MAC
  9. bkone & eugene, i'll post when i get a chance. i am not familiar with the instruments are the same for the LX as in the GX as you described but i think there is a volume control when the screen changes when the phone is activated or the volume control for the stereo works with the phone as well. I'll check again. MAC
  10. rwallican, the wheels are photochopped. The first pics are the same (I accidentally posted twice) but i enlarged the OEM wheels and lowered the car via a photo editing software. The second pic is of Tundra wheels on the LX. Again, i enlarged the Tundra wheels and lowered the LX with the program. Just playin around one day. MAC
  11. Old, Yes the Adaptive Front Lighting System still completely works. After working on this I found that the AFS's moving parts do not involve the bulb. The AFS is a reflector mechanism that throws the beam in directions it determines is needed. Dens, I sold the GX earlier this year. Needed a little more space for the kids and another diamond in the rough to play with ;) ) I've been good, You? I haven't been around here in a while but thought i'd check it out again after starting the mods on ther LX. You still have your GX? MAC edddited ccause eye can't spelll.
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