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  1. phatg20.net seems to be down. Is anyone else hosting these FSMs or can anyone send it to me? 2006 ES330
  2. I'm not worried about tongue weight as all I'm using the hitch for is to transport bicycles. I searched and found a guy had problems scraping his ES300 (unsure if it was 3rd or 4th gen) on inclines and that's all I could find on this forum. Does anyone have pictures of their 4th or 5th gen with a trailer hitch? And can you tell me if it's Draw-Tite, Hidden Hitch, or some other brand? I'm considering a bolt-on affair like that if it isn't visually obtrusive, or an alternative would be to bolt a receiver to the rear bumper support. Thanks for any future help. P.S. - I have all the Yakima parts necessary for a roof rack, but I am trying to avoid installing it and killing my fuel economy.